Celebrity Lawsuits of 2012: See What Stars Made Their Way To The Courtroom This Year

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Whether it was Britney Spears getting sued by her former manager or Mary J. Blige defaulting on a loan, 2012 has seen many celebrities either in the courtroom or heading there soon. Everyone seems to be suing everyone in the world these days and celebrities are no different to that trend. This is a list of the Celebrity Lawsuits of 2012.

Mary J. Blige

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What is Mary doing with all her money? She has sold over 50 million records worldwide, but she can’t make her loan payments? Paperwork was filed this past Wednesday by Signature Bank against Mary J. Blige and her husband, who supposedly have defaulted on a $2.2 million loan. It has been a rough year for Mary financially, as her charity was accused of mishandling funds.

Tyler Perry

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Another lawsuit arising this past week came about when Tyler Perry was sued by Terri Donald, who claims her book was the basis of Perry’s movie Good Deeds. Donald sent Perry a copy of her book Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit before the movie was made and she claims the movie was made from the book’s concept. She is suing for $225,000 in damages.

Britney Spears

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Back when Britney was not all drugged up and sedated, she was a hot mess and her manager at the time was Sam Lufti. He was suing the Spears family for a breach of contract, her Dad for punching him and her Mom for talking bad about him in her book. It took three years to get to court, but the judge threw out the case a month ago because Lufti had no case or evidence to back it up.

Hulk Hogan

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Some things people just don’t want to see and one of those is Hulk Hogan having sex. The wrestling star made the papers earlier this year when a sex tape featuring him and his best friend’s wife was released by Gawker Media. He sued both his friend and Gawker Media for $100 million each, but has since dropped the case against his best friend after he issued a public apology.

Tony Parker

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We all know about the big bar fight that broke out between Chris Brown and Drake back in June. Tony Parker was also in the club that night in New York and he suffered an injury to his eye. It didn’t prevent him from playing in the London Games, but he still thinks the injury was enough to sue the club. He thinks they knew there was bad blood between Brown and Drake and could have prevented the fight. He thinks his eye injury is worth $20 million! Crazy?

John Travolta

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One thing we learned this past year: John Travolta allegedly likes massages. The actor has often fought off rumors that he is gay, but it was a bigger fight this past year as masseuses and cruise ship workers are coming out of the woodwork to sue Travolta for violating them. This should be interesting to see as it plays out.

Lil’ Wayne

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Lil’ Wayne has had a crazy year and part of that includes a lawsuit he filed against Quincy Jones III. In the lawsuit, Wayne claims Jones portrayed him in a scandalous way in a documentary he made. It doesn’t help his case when Wayne wouldn’t even appear in court because of seizures he suffered on a plane.

Tom Cruise

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Don’t call Tom Cruise a bad father. Both Life & Style and In Touch magazines made claims about Cruise and his daughter Suri, saying she was “abandoned by father” in a picture of her crying. Cruise claims it is not true and filed a $50 million lawsuit against the publications. If he does win, he says he will donate the money to chairty, so I give him props for this lawsuit.

Justin Bieber

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Mark this one up as one of the funniest celebrity lawsuits of 2012. A mom in Portland, Oregon is suing Justin Bieber for causing her permanent hearing loss after attending one of his concerts. The mom took her daughter to the concert two years ago and because of the concert, she lost her hearing for good and now thinks Bieber owes her $9.23 million in damages! Good luck with that one.


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Lets keep going with the crazy lawsuits. This one was totally untrue, but a man by the name of “Chris Brown” filed a lawsuit against Rihanna earlier this year claiming the pop star gave him herpes and is a threat to him. He sued for $10 million and a restraining order. If caught, the person could face punishment from the judge for filing a fake lawsuit.

The Kardashian Sisters

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It is one lawsuit after another for the Kardashian gang, as Kim, Kourtney and Khloe has faced multiple lawsuits this past year. From Kim suing Old Navy for using a lookalike in their ads to the case concerning their endorsement of weight loss pills, the girls have seen their names in many lawsuits. The latest came from the makeup line Chroma Cosmetics, who claimed the Kardashians stole his name and used it on their Khroma Cosmetics line. Seems about right to me, but they’ll probably get away with it.

Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan doesn’t want his name to be used without his consent, so he found a court in China who would hear his case and he filed the paperwork against Qiaodan Sports Company for illegally using his name. Jordan stated any money he won in the case would be invested in helping promote basketball in China.

Nicollette Sheridan

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This has been a lengthy lawsuit for Nicollette Sheridan and it continues to not go her way. She is suing Marc Cherry and ABC over her termination from the hit show Desperate Housewives. It started out as a sexual harassment, baterry and wrongful termination suit, but a judge threw out the sexual harassment and battery charges. The case was deemed a mistrial in March and the appeal was thrown out this month.

Insane Clown Posse

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Do you all remember Insane Clown Posse? Apparently they are still together and have formed a following of fans called the Juggalos. They meet annually and now the FBI has labeled them as a gang. That does not make Insane Clown Posse happy and they announced in August that they were suing the FBI for categorizing them as a gang.

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    There are plenty of people with the same name as Michael Jordan – just find another one who would be more than happy that their name is being featured. With a common name like that – surely he won’t win that lawsuit.

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