StyleBlazer Survey: Would You Buy Booty Nail Polish? Get The Deets On The Brand Boasting 'Red Riding Hump'...

StyleBlazer Survey: Would You Buy Booty Nail Polish? (Get Deets On Brand Boasting ‘Red Riding Hump’…)

Remember that episode of Martin when Gina gave Martin a bust of a derriere for their anniversary and it caused them to temporarily breakup because Martin didn’t appreciate the gift? That’s exactly what we thought of when news of Bootie Babe polish hit our desks.

The line is owned by San Francisco-based company SuperBooty, LLC who states on their website “We believe that style should be bright, a delight, and completely out of sight.” No word if JJ Evans had any hand in writing their mission statement.

But if you’re wondering where gluteus maximus fits in with nail polish, the brand says their passion is “to create a brilliant beauty brand featuring cute and collectible bootie-shaped products.”

Unsurprisingly, the line is the brain child of a man—Mark O’Hara. O’Hara who seems to have a thing for (ahem) behinds also had a band called SuperBooty which parted in 2009 and also sold bottom-related merchandise. O-kay.

Boasting  lacquer names like “Red Riding Rump,” “Hella Hiney,” and “Loose Caboose,” can you see yourself buying Bootie Babe polish?


They’re $12 a pop…at


-Danielle Gray