Return of the 90s: 15 Stars Of The Decade Making Their Way Back To Theaters

Return of the 90s: 15 Stars Of The Decade Making Their Way Back To Theaters

Who would have imagined the film and television franchises of the 90s would be staging a major resurgence in 2012? As many properties are being revived to return to the big screen, even more popular actors of the period are resurfacing too. Here are 15 iconic actors of the 1990s who will be returning to the big screen within the next year.

Robert Patrick

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After a few years of toiling getting direct-to-video and TV work, Terminator 2 star Robert Patrick broke back onto the big screen with Safe House earlier this year. He’ll be following it up with appearances in Gangster Squad, with Ryan Gosling, and Identity Thief, with Melissa McCarthy, next year.

Tom Sizemore

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After moving away from major Hollywood productions in the wake of a well-documented battle with substance abuse, this Heat and Saving Private Ryan star will be returning to the big screen with Sylvester Stallone in the sports drama Reach Me.

James Gandolfini

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The award winning star of The Sopranos took a hiatus from starring in big budget theater fare following The Taking of Pelham 123. Over the course of the next two months he’ll be returning to theaters in two award-season favorites—Zero Dark Thirty and Killing Them Softly.

Jon Lovitz

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It’s been a good six years since former Saturday Night Live star Jon Lovitz has done a big screen comedy. He’ll remedy this next year with a role in Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 2. Even better– he’ll be playing himself, a role the self-parodying actor has long perfected.

Michael Wincott

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This gravelly voiced actor played some of the most memorable villains of the 90s, snarling his way through roles in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Crow, and Alien: Resurrection. Though it has been quite a few years since his last big screen part, he’ll be appearing in the upcoming Hitchcock alongside Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. Befittingly, he plays notorious serial killer Ed Gein—the man who proved the inspiration for Psycho.

Treat Williams

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Mulholland Falls and The Devil’s Own star Treat Williams faded into the direct-to-video and television industry in the early 2000s. Following a brief appearance alongside James Franco in 127 Hours, the actor is taking another shot at big-screen status with a part in the upcoming Eric Bana thriller Deadfall.

Sharon Stone

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The wild success of Basic Instinct made her an icon, while the massive failure Basic Instinct 2 took her out of the leading lady game for good. Soon, Sharon Stone will be resurfacing on the big screen once more with next year’s high profile biopic Lovelace, starring Amanda Seyfried.

Joshua Jackson

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The former heartthrob actor rode the success of Dawson’s Creek into theaters with films like The Skulls and Cruel Intentions. While the actor’s theatrical career since slowed down, he found great success returning to television as the star of Fringe. The acclaim seems to have earned him another spot in theaters, co-starring with Bruce Willis in the upcoming Lay the Favorite.

Lara Prepon

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This That 70s Show star took a shot at the big screen with the massive bomb Slacker in 2002. After rebuilding her career on the success of several indie films and television appearances, Prepon will also be appearing in Lay The Favorite.

Lucas Black

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As a child, Lucas Black’s performance in the Academy Award winning Sling Blade made him a 90s pop culture icon, albeit briefly. The child actor would appear in few films thereafter before  resurfacing in the next decade as a leading man. Unfortunately, outside of Friday Night Lights and Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, few of his films proved to be major successes critically or commercially. After a brief hiatus from big budget fare, Black’s career seems to be taking another trajectory change as the actor is returning to more serious films of Sling Blade’s ilk. He’ll be appearing in supporting roles with Matt Damon in Promised Land and with Harrison Ford in the Jackie Robinson biopic 42.

Arnold Vosloo

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Arnold Vosloo scored a breakout hit in 1999 with The Mummy. The character actor also took to the trenches of television in 2006 after the failure of Blood Diamond, with one exception. In 2009, he played the villain, Zartan, in G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. He’ll be returning to theaters next year in the sequel, G.I. Joe Retaliation, starring alongside The Rock and Channing Tatum. Ironically, he is one of the few actors returning for the sequel aside from Tatum.

Michael Rapaport

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This comedian scored memorable character roles in hit films like Cop Land, Metro and Deep Blue Sea. Though his career moved away from big screen fare in the mid-2000s, he’ll be returning to multiplexes with a major role alongside Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat.

Rosie Perez

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The Do The Right Thing and White Men Can’t Jump star made a brief resurgence with a bit role in Pineapple Express. Though the part was a bit too thin to earn her rave critical marks, the actress did well enough to garner a supporting role in Ridley Scott’s next film, The Counselor, alongside Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt.

David Alan Grier

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The In Living Color star was a regular fixture in theaters during the 1990s with films like Boomerang, Blank Man and Jumanji. His big screen presence died down in the following decade. Following major success performing Porgy and Bess on Broadway this year (a role that got him a Tony nomination), Grier will be returning to big screens in 2013 with the Tyler Perry-produced We The Peeples.

Michael Imperioli

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The Sopranos co-star seems to have maintained close ties with his Summer of Sam director Spike Lee. He’ll be appearing in the remake of Oldboy for the director next year, alongside Josh Brolin.

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