Zara's Toxic Free Promise (Zara- Giving New Meaning To Killer Fashion)

Zara’s Toxic Free Promise (Zara- Giving New Meaning To Killer Fashion)

It seems that us Zara shoppers may have been getting a bit more than we paid for, like toxic, possibly cancer causing chemical in our clothes.  Thanks to Greenpeace, Zara can no longer pull that toxic wool sweater over our eyes.  Greenpeace International published a report, Toxic Thread: The Big Fashion Stitch Up, in which they investigated and explain how high street fashion companies employ the use of hazardous chemicals in their manufacturing process.

Needless to say, our favorite fast fashion giant was among the pack. But don’t burn your Zara belongings just yet, it might release toxic airborne chemicals (we kid).  In all seriousness, it appears the retailer is trying to make amends. According to, “the retail giant has promised to eradicate all releases of hazardous chemicals during production. By March 2013, both Zara and parent company, Inditex, will require 20 suppliers from their facilities to disclose all releases of toxic chemicals to neighboring communities with the goal of zero hazardous waste by 2020.”  Like dailyfrontrow, we also suspect that their promise was brought on by the protesters in front of multiple Zara locations.  Whatever their reasons, we’re just thankful that in about eight years we  won’t have to worry about our sweaters not fitting because we grew an extra arm.

StyleBlazer, do you intend to still shop at Zara?