Raf Simons' Departure From Jil Sander Was Due To Inability To Turn Sizable Profits? (If It Doesn't Make Dollars It Doesn't Make Sense)

Raf Simons’ Departure From Jil Sander Was Due To Inability To Turn Sizable Profits? (If It Doesn’t Make Dollars It Doesn’t Make Sense)

Photo Credit: AP Images

This year has thrown the fashion industry a lot of curve balls.  From editors leaving long-standing positions at fashion mags,  to creative directors jumping ship to a different brand.  Those directly involved are usually tight-lipped, so it leave the rest of us to speculate as to what brought on the change and what it now means.

An article on WSJ was able to finally shed some light on one of the fashion shake-up mysteries.  It turns out Raf Simons departure from Jil Sander may have been brought on by his inability to turn a sizable profit. In the article, it was stated that “during much of Simons’s tenure, the company remained solidly in the red. Last year, revenue was up 14 percent and almost broke even, but that was due, in large part, to ‘cutting costs and a more selective distribution.'”  That is not to say Simons was not successful at his job.  During his tenure, the label made about $140 million in annual sales, which was unfortunately $110 million less that Sander was able to bring in.  Simons received raved reviews for his work season after season, but we suppose when it comes to the bottom line, “if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.”


StyleBlazers, are you now questioning the reasons behind the other departures and shake-ups?