StyleBlazer Exclusive: 'RHOA' Star & "Donkologist" Phaedra Parks On New Fitness DVD

StyleBlazer Exclusive: ‘RHOA’ Star & “Donkologist” Phaedra Parks On New Fitness DVD (Get Your Donkey Booty In 2013!)

Resident Southern belle and certified donkologist Phaedra Parks keeps us captivated every week on Real Housewives of Atlanta with her poise, pageantry and her love for a nice healthy booty. We love that the successful reality star brings health and fitness to the forefront, and now she’s teamed up with her husband, Apollo Nida, for a workout DVD that’s just in time for your New Year’s resolutions. Phine Body by Phaedra & Apollo makes fitness fun with a workout that incorporates dance, core work, and lots of squats to get your donkey booty right and tight!

We recently caught up with Phaedra chat about her new DVD, how she balances health and fitness as a busy working mom on the go, and her favorite fashion trends of 2012. She’s just as charming as she is entertaining!

SB: When you talked about the DVD on the show with Apollo, you mentioned something that makes a lot of women of color reticent about working out, and that’s the hair issue. No one wants to get their hair messed up. How does the DVD help you pack in a great workout while still maintaining your ‘do?

Phaedra: Our DVD… while it is a very tough DVD, it’s anaerobic vs. aerobic, some parts of it. So with some of those toning exercises, you’re not doing hard sweat. You’re definitely going to feel it because you’re working your muscles, and you’re using core resistance, and that’s going to give you great results. But it’s not like you’re in kickbox class and you’re just sweating bullets and you’re drenched at the end. The dance routine is the most aerobic of everything because you’re dancing. You’ll definitely sweat with that. Of course I wear my hair natural sometimes and if I’m trying to really keep my style, the market has created so many little headbands that absorb the moisture which are great. But I just find that if I pull my hair up in a ponytail, and as soon as I finish working out, I smooth it out. If I’m going to wear it naturally curly the next day, I double twist or whatever I’m going to do, I do it immediately so that I set it. So if I’m trying to get it straight, and I know that I want to keep it straight, as soon as I finish working out I do a very tight wrap. If I want to make it naturally curly, I just go ahead and twist it.

SB: You’re always wearing cute clothes when you’re working out. Is there an active brand that you like to work out in?

Phaedra: Not really. I just try to find things that I can transition from the gym to the grocery store or to the mall. So when I leave I can keep on my schedule. There are some great designers who have things and they’re in trendy colors and styles so when you finish working out, you look good enough to go do the rest of your shopping, pick up your child, and people won’t say, oh my gosh, she looks crazy! And so I try to pick stuff that has a little flair about it.

What are Phaedra’s favorite fitness trend of the year? Click through to find out!

  • jennifer

    Phaedra needs to sell everything she possibly can! I read the book about her, she is done as a lawyer! I knew there was something fishy about her! Why else would an attorney marry a crook unless she is a crook herself! If you’re a RHOA fan Lies of a real housewife is a MUST read. Smdh @ Ms. Southern Bell

    • Don’t believe everything you read because NONE of what was written was confirmed. What you read was the ramblings of woman with a criminal record who wanted somebody to blame. PERIOD.

    • I read the book. I believe every word of it….

  • OutstandingWorldCitizen

    Is it just me but doesn’t her body look a bit off? Nothing wrong with small boobs but her waist to butt ratio looks weird….I won’t be buying anything from her. Phaedra is so desperate to make dollar out of fifteen cents: funerial services for people and pets, a workout video so her she and her husband can be some pseudo power couple……What next? Horrible eye make up tips and event planning tips!!!!

  • ReesyPiecey

    She’s putting out a workout video like she’s fit or something or looks like Rosa Acosta or something. Secondly, she wants an effective workout that doesn’t include sweating??? Definitely not going to work. Her and that country makeup and roller wrap need to have a stadium of seats….and Apollo needs to stop stealing cars because words on these ATL streets is he got popped again

  • Ahora la pareja est