SB Exclusive: Ballerina Misty Copeland Shares Exquisite Photos From New 2013 Calendar, Working With Prince, & Coming Into Her Own

SB Exclusive: Ballerina Misty Copeland Shares Exquisite Photos From New 2013 Calendar, Working With Prince, & Coming Into Her Own

Photo: Gregg Delman

SB: You’re in awesome shape. What’s your fitness and diet routine like?

MC: It’s hard for me to find a balance because my body’s very athletic. So the smallest amount of weight or resistance, I bulk up really easily. So it’s been a process through my professional career of finding what works for me and the look that I need to have as a ballerina. So I try to stay away from any weight lifting, and if I do any cardio, I usually have no resistance. I do floor bar, which is like ballet barre but it’s all without putting any weight on your feet. I swim, I do pilates, I do yoga, and then dance all day [laughs]. But I think that diet is a huge part of that, and it took me awhile to understand that as well. I went for awhile non-stop and eating whatever I wanted, and it wasn’t the way I wanted to look. I don’t believe in dieting, but just creating a healthy lifestyle and never depriving yourself of anything but in moderation. I cut out meat over two years ago, and I know it doesn’t work for everyone but I feel like I have more energy, with fish and vegetables. But if I’m going to have something sweet, maybe twice a week. One cookie, I’m not going to go crazy and eat a whole cake. But I think that it’s healthy to have a slice of pizza or a burger, or whatever it is that you love because the more you aren’t eating it, when you do, you usually go overboard [laughs].

SB: We’re in holiday mode, but in January many of us are going to want to get in shape. What’s your fitness advice for non-dancers?

MC: I would say focus on cardio and diet. I think it’s the combination of the two. I don’t think that it works if you’re kind of heavier on the one side. But just burning calories I think is more important than weight lifting and things like that, just to create a long and lean line.

SB: You’re working on an activewear line. When will that be available and what styles can we expect?

MC: It’s been something that’s been in the works for so many years, and it originated because I couldn’t find any dancewear that really fit me and supported me properly. Being a petite girl but having a bust, [well-fitting dancewear] just doesn’t exist in the dance world. So I wanted to create something that really isn’t out there. I wanted to have supportive dancewear as well as a plus size line which doesn’t really exist. Starting out, the focus is of course on professional ballet dancers or dancers in general. And then we’re going to branch out into more activewear, menswear. But it’s all about support and having kind of fashion forward looks. It’s not just your simple, typical ballet designs.

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