Famous Celebrity Brothers: These Families Made Names For Themselves In Hollywood

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People often say that talent runs in the family (and good looks too) and these families prove that statement to be very true. These families have made big names for themselves in Hollywood, either on the big screen, small screen or in the sports arena. Check out out list of Famous Celebrity Brothers.

The Wayans

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The Wayans family got their start on In Living Color over 20 years ago and since then they have made a name for themselves in the movies and on TV. Keenan Ivory Wayans was the man in charge for the family and since then Damon Wayans has had his own TV show and his son now stars on Happy Endings. Shawn and Marlon have starred in many movies, including the Scary Movie franchise.

The Baldwins

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The Baldwin brothers (Billy, Alec, Stephen and Daniel) took the world by storm in the early ’90s. They were starring in movies such as Sliver and The Hunt for Red October, and had all the ladies after them. Stephen is now very religious and been very outspoken with his beliefs and Alec stars in 30 Rock and has caused a lot of ruckus with the paparazzi.

The Jonas Brothers

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In 2005, the Jonas Brothers took the music scene by storm when they brought the boy band craze back. Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas were selling out stadiums and starring in Disney movies. They were the teen girl dream and then Justin Bieber came on the scene and knocked them off that pedestal. They are now working on a new album and trying to come back and take down One Direction!

Chris and Liam Hemsworth

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That is some hot blood in that family line. Chris and Liam Hemsworth are both very easy on the eyes and successful actors in Hollywood. Chris is Thor and Liam starred in The Hunger Games, so both of them will have new movies coming out next year with their respective franchises. Liam is also engaged to Miley Cyrus, whom he met onset of the movie The Last Song.

Peyton and Eli Manning

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They come from a line of football stars, as Peyton and Eli Manning’s father is Archie Manning, another star quarterback in the NFL. Both sons have won Super Bowl rings and now are playing for the Denver Broncos and New York Giants. They look good on the field and off!

Tiki and Ronde Barber

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Another set of brothers have made a name for themselves on the football field. Tiki and Ronde Barber are identical twins and both had successful careers in the NFL. Ronde is currently playing Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tiki retired at the end of the 2006 season and went on to be a correspondent for The Today Show and Sunday Night Football, but then decided to un-retire in 2011 and is currently listed as a free agent.

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg

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Mark Wahlberg started out as Marky Mark and rapped and showed the world those abs. Now he has made a great career as an A-List actor. Donnie Wahlberg has made a career for himself as a member of New Kids On The Block, which is currently on a reunion tour. He has tried like acting thing like his brother, but not as successful.

Joey and Matthew Lawrence

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Joey Lawrence woahed us with his role on Blossom and he now plays nanny on the hit ABC Family show Melissa & Joey. He also is taking that hot body to the strip joint when he danced with the Chippendales. His brother Matthew has done the acting thing as well when he starred in Boy Meets World for three seasons and movies like Mrs. Doubtfire.

Kevin and Matt Dillon

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The Dillon brothers have both led successful acting careers. Kevin starred on Entourage and Matt has had a good movie career, including roles in Crash and There’s Something About Mary.

Luke and Owen Wilson

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The Wilson brothers have different looks, but they have both made the ladies go crazy over the years. Both are movie stars with Luke starring in movies like Legally Blonde and Owen making a name for himself in Wedding Crashers.

Ben and Casey Affleck

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You know you are going to live in the shadows of your brother, especially when you brother is Ben Affleck. Ben makes the A-List of actors and Casey was trying, with supporting roles in Good Will Hunting (the movie that brought his brother front and center) and Ocean’s Eleven. Casey finally broke out with his role in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, which earned him an Oscar nomination.

Fred and Ben Savage

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The ’80s and ’90s were big years for the Savage brothers. Fred hit it big with his TV show The Wonder Years and then Ben made it big with his hit show Boy Meets World. Fred has gone on to do directing and Ben may be headed back for a Boy Meets World reunion in the new show Girl Meets World.

Chad and Rob Lowe

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This would be another case of being overshadowed by your brother. Rob Lowe always seems to make his way in the news, especially as a member of the Brat Pack, and now stars on Parks and Recreation. Chad Lowe won an Emmy for his role on Life Goes On, but then supporting roles on hit shows after that. He is known for being married to Hilary Swank, but they divorced in 2007.

Chris and Danny Masterson

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Another set of brothers that each had successful careers on hit TV shows, both for FOX. Chris Masterson starred in Malcolm In The Middle and Danny Masterson starred in That ’70s Show. Danny recently starred in the show Men At Work at TBS and Chris made a guest appearance on the show, so keeping it in the family.

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