15 Stars with Cancelled Reality Shows

Were They Not Crazy or Interesting Enough? 15 Stars Whose Reality Shows Got Cancelled Real Quick

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Nowadays all you need to jump start or salvage a career in Hollywood is a reality show. What once was thought to be an annoying fad has exploded into a verified television genre. Almost every star under the sky has taken a crack at reality TV and some one-time no-names have had their star rise thanks to reality a show. But not all reality TV shows survive. Take a look at this list of celebs who’s reality shows were short lived or never made it to air in the first place. “Cancelled” is the name of the game.

1. Evelyn Lozada and Chad “Ochocino” Johnson

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VH1 was all set to air a new reality show called Ev and Ocho about Basketball Wives veteran Evelyn Lozada and new hubby, NFL receiver Chad Johnson (formerly Chad Ochocinco), but when Chad was arrested for domestic battery against his wife, the show was quickly pulled. Johnson reportedly headbutted Lozada, leaving her with a gash on the forehead and no choice but divorce. VH1 has no plans of airing the show.

2. Dina Lohan/Ali Lohan/Lohan Family

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In 2008 E! network premiered the reality series Living Lohan, focused on the lives of the Lohan family, most especially Lindsay Lohan’ s momager Dina and Lindsay’s younger sister Ali as she pursued a music career. The show was cancelled after a 9 episode season because Dina refused to do the crazy things the network was asking, like fake a pregnancy.  Contrary to popular belief, mama Lohan has her limits, after all.

3. Tara Reid

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Actress Tara Reid liked to drink and party a lot, so naturally, E! gave her a reality series where she could do just that. The series, called Taradise, followed Reid as she traveled the world sampling the local cuisine, night clubs, and shopping scenes. Producing the show got to be too much, though, and E! said farewell to Taradise in 2006, after the first season. The President of E! was quoted as saying, “The show was incredibly difficult to produce with someone well-known.”

4. Roseanne Barr

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Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr filmed a reality show called, what else, The Real Roseanne Show. The ABC reality show which premiered on August 6, 2003 followed the actress as she hosted a cooking show called Domestic Goddess. It was set to air on ABC Family after The Real Roseanne Show concluded its first season, but the show was deemed unfit for air by Roseanne and cancelled. The Real Rosanne Show was subsequently pulled from ABC after airing only four episodes.

5. Coolio

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Rapper Coolio of 90’s fame got a shot at reality TV with a show called Coolio’s Rules.  The show centered on Coolio trying to juggle raising 4 teenagers, his career as a rapper, a catering business, and his love life. It aired in Fall 2008 on Oxygen network with only one season.


6. Lisa Raye McCoy

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 Single Ladies star Lisa Raye McCoy got her own reality show in 2010 on TVOne called Lisa Raye: The Real McCoy. The show documented the actress’s life along with her 22 year old daughter’s, Kai. Despite debuting as TVOne’s highest rated original show, Lisa Raye says the network wanted her to amp up the drama to compete with other reality shows. The actress refused, and the show was cancelled. The real McCoy ain’t down with fakin’ it.

7. Shannen Doherty

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Actress Shannen Doherty produced and starred in her own reality show in 2006 called Breaking Up With Doherty. On the show, which premiered on Oxygen network, Doherty helps couples who can’t seem to break up. Unfortunately for Doherty, after only one season Oxygen had to tell her it was over between them. The show was cancelled due to poor ratings.


8. Eddie Griffin

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Actor/comedian Eddie Griffin took a shot at reality TV with VH1 series Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke. The show chronicled his financial woes brought on by all the family and friends he had to support.  The show aired for one season in 2009, but being followed by a camera 24/7 proved to be just a little too invasive for Griffin, so he quit the show. Maybe Eddie didn’t read the giant bold print on the reality show contract.


9. Liza Minnelli and David Gest

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Liza and David was a reality show slated to air on VH1 in 2002 but never materialized for viewing. The show was to follow famed Broadway star Liza Minnelli and her promoter husband David Gest, but was pulled during production because the network was not given the cooperation and access they were promised, according to VH1. Reportedly, Gest was a control freak.

10. Brooke Hogan

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When the popular reality series Hogan Knows Best was cancelled due to a myriad of  problems in the Hogan family, Hulk Hogan’s daughter, singer Brooke Hogan was given her own show. Cameras followed as Brooke stepped out on her own and worked on her music career in Miami. Brooke Knows Best aired two seasons in 2008-2009 but has since been cancelled, though Brooke had expressed hope that VH1 would pick up a third season. Maybe VH1 should have listened. Brooke knows best, right?

11. Russell Simmons

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Russell Simmons tried to crack the already overcrowded market of “my glamorous, fast paced job” reality shows with Running Russell Simmons. The show followed the hip-hop-fashion-entertainment mogul and the team of attractive women who help run both his private and professional life. Oxygen network aired one season consisting of 6 episodes starting in November 2010. There was no mention of a cancellation after the first season; Running Russell Simmons just simply ran out of gas.

12. Venus and Serena Williams

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The hardcore tennis champs got their own reality show back in 2005 called Venus and Serena: For real.  That show aired on ABC Family. Cameras followed the sisters as they navigated life outside of tennis as designers, authors, celebrities, role models, and sisters. Only 5 episodes of the show aired.

13. Pepa

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Sandra Denton aka “Pepa” from 90’s rap girl group Salt n Pepa starred in her own reality series in 2010 called Lets Talk About Pep, a cross between TV shows Sex and the City and Girlfriends.  The show was all about Pepa and her girlfriends trying to find someone to love in the single dating world. The show opened to pretty encouraging ratings on VH1, but strangely was not renewed for a second season.


14. Aubrey O’ Day

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After being fired by Diddy from the once popular girl group Danity Kane on the 3rd season of Making the Band, Aubrey O’ Day decided it was time to pursue her solo music career on her own terms. The former Danity Kane singer starred in All About Aubrey in March 2011 on Oxygen network. The show was the highest rated in Oxygen network history and a second season was reportedly filming that year, but no news of the show emerged after that. In television, no news in over a year means the show was likely cancelled.

15. Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton might be famous for being famous but it seems her popularity has waned since the days of The Simple Life. The overexposed socialite tried her hand at reality TV again in 2011 with a show called The World According to Paris on Oxygen TV. Cameras followed Hilton for a fly on the wall look at her everyday happenings after her arrest for cocaine possession in 2010 and the subsequent court-ordered community service . The public was less than enthused about getting a glimpse into Hilton’s life, though. The show was cancelled after one season, opening to only 400,000 viewers its first episode.

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