90's TV Stars That Haven't Been Around Much Since the 90's

Where Are They? 90’s TV Stars You Probably Haven’t Seen Much Since The 90’s


The 90’s were home to some of the most beloved shows and characters in TV history, but after their 90’s heyday many TV stars failed to maintain or regain their once great popularity or careers. Check out this list of 15 nineties TV stars who you probably haven’t seen or heard much of since their popular 90’s TV shows.

1. Mayim Bialik

Photo: WENN.com

You may not recognize her by her real name but this 90’s actress was the title character in the NBC sitcom Blossom, which aired from 1991-1995. With her fast talking best friend Six (Jenna Von Oy) and her hot but dumb jock big brother Joey (Joey Lawrence) as supporting cast members, Blossom was a funny and lovable show. Since the show ended Mayim has  done various voice over work, many guest appearances on TV, and gotten a Ph.D in Neuroscience.  The 36 year-old actress made a permanent return to  TV in 2010 when she became a regular cast member of the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Whoa!

2. Thea Vidale

Photo: WENN

Actress and standup comedienne Thea Vidale was the star of the short lived sitcom Thea on ABC; a show about a mother of 4 who works at the supermarket by day and runs a 1 chair salon in her house by night. The show, which also starred singers Brandy and Jason Weaver who played her children, marked the first time a black female comedian starred in a TV series named after her, but Thea’s career has been sparse over the years. She’s done only small voice over jobs and guest appearances on TV and WWE’s RAW since then.

3. Luke Perry

Photo: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

Luke Perry was the young, handsome Dylan McKay for eight years on the hit series Beverly Hills 90210, a drama about the lives of rich teenagers growing up in Beverly Hills (shocker!). Perry was a bonafide heartthrob. Since those days, he has done several rather obscure films and guest starred on several popular TV shows. His biggest gig was playing the title character of Showtime series Jeremiah from 2002-2004.

4. Candace Cameron Bure

Photo: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

Who can forget DJ Tanner, the coming of age big sister on Full House or her hair?! Young audience members grew up with Candace as they watched her for 8 years on the show.  After the 90’s, the actress and sister to actor-turned-evangelist Kirk Cameron, took a break from Tinseltown, appearing in only three roles until 2009 when she was cast in the ABC Family show Make it or Break it.

5. Karyn Parsons

Photo: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

She played Will Smith’s hopelessly dim-witted cousin Hilary Banks on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for the show’s 6 year run (1990-1996).  Her style and beauty were enviable but unfortunately we can’t say the same for her career. Since the days of Fresh Prince, Parsons has worked on two short-lived TV shows and has done a few films while choosing to focus on her mommy duties. We’d love to see her out there again.

6. Will Friedle

Will is best known for his role as Eric, the underachieving big brother on the iconic 90’s show Boy Meets World. Great hair, great looks, and winning charm and wit made Will Friedle a favorite on the series. Since the days of Boy meets World, Friedle has done a host of voice over work, most notably as Terry McGinnis on the animated series Batman Beyond and Ron Stoppable on the Disney cartoon Kim Possible.  The actor’s latest acting appearance was in a 2005 ABC Family film called Everything You Want.


7. Kellie Shanygne Jackson

Kellie played Laura Winslow on the family television series Family Matters. After 10 years on the show she was cast in the 2001 series All About Joan which ran for 2 seasons. Kellie made recurring appearances on the TV shows Girlfriends, Eve, and The Parkers. Her latest role was in a 2009 film called Steppin: The Movie, which stars Anthony Anderson, and her TV brother Darius McCray. She is married (no longer going by Kellie Shanygne Williams) with 2 kids and has started her own fine arts program in her home of Washington, DC.

8. Mark Curry

Photo: Johnny Louis/WENN.com

Remember Hanging with Mr. Cooper? Mark Curry played the gym coach, living in a house with his two female best friends. Raven Symone was also on the show. The show was highly successful, running for five seasons. Since the days of Mr. Cooper, Mark has had some minor TV and film appearances  and hosted some reality TV shows. He recently returned to television as a series regular on the new Nick at Night show See Dad Run, starring Scott Baio.

9. Trina McGee-Davis

Photo: Trina McGee/Twitter

Trina McGee is memorable for her role as Angela, Shawn’s long-term girlfriend on the hit series Boy Meets World. You couldn’t help but adore their loving interracial relationship. Trina seemed a promising actress but has had few notable opportunities after the show ended. She appeared in the film Friday After Next and starred in a 2009 film called Da Booty Shop (not a p0rno, fyi). The single mother of 3 resides in San Fernando Valley, and has recently taken to Twitter to negate plastic surgery rumors and promote her upcoming album. All this amidst buzz of the new Boy Meets World sequel series Girl Meets World.


10. Alfonso Ribeiro

Photo: Nikki Nelson / WENN.com

Ribeiro kept audiences entertained with his portrayal of Carlton Banks, the overachieving, brown nosing, dud cousin of Will Smith on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. After the show ended Alfonso was on the NBC sitcom In the House opposite LL COOL J for 5 years. He has directed episodes of  Meet the Browns and Are We There, Yet? If you were watching the right channel you might have caught Alfonso participating on Dancing with the Stars or hosting game shows on the Game Show Network, or most recently making an appearance as Carlton Banks on the Nickelodeon teen show Big Time Rush.

11. Adrian Paul

Photo: Nikki Nelson / WENN.com

Adrian Paul played the ultra hunky, smooth, invincible immortal Duncan MacLeod on the long running Highlander TV series.  The show ran from 1992 to 1998 and pitched Adrian Paul right into the hearts of female viewers around the world. The London born actor, who came to Hollywood as a dancer, has starred in two Highlander films.  Paul has done steady work over the years mostly in straight-to-video and made-for-TV movies, but to us he will always be Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander.

12. Lark Voorhies

Photo: WENN.com

Lark Voorhies was the gorgeous and fashionable Lisa Turtle on the popular 90’s series Saved By the Bell. She has done a few films and some television work over the years and even had a stint in a girl group. The 38-year old actress has been making headlines lately, appearing in photos with what looks like a terrible skin bleaching, and having strange behavior that her mother told People magazine is due to Bipolar disorder. Lisa has denied that she has any mental health issues.

13. Ben Savage

Photo: WENN

Boy Meets World is one of the most adored TV series of the 90’s generation. With a funny cast and relateable subject matter, kids and teens across the country fell in love with the show. At the helm of it all was Ben Savage, who played the brillo-haired, loveable goofball Cory Matthews. Not much has been heard from Savage since the show ended in 2000. We could talk about the few guest roles he has done on TV, but who cares when he’s reprising his role as Corey Matthews on the soon to be sequel show Girl Meets World, only this time as a father of the main character!

14.  Kel Mitchell

Photo: WENN/Fayes Vision

Kel was one half of the goofball comedy duo Kenan and Kel of 90’s fame. He starred in the Kenan and Kel show  from 1996 to 2000, and the teen sketch comedy show All That. Mitchell has had guest roles on TV shows like Half and Half and  The Parkers, and done voice overs for The Proud Family cartoon and PBS’s Clifford The Big Red Dog, amongst other things. He auditioned for Saturday Night Live but didn’t make it. His counterpart Kenan Thompson, however, was cast. Recently, Kel appeared on the Disney show Good Luck Charlie.

15. Jodie Sweetin

Photo: WENN

Jodie charmed her way into America’s heart as the always spunky middle child, Stephanie Tanner, on Full House from 1987 to 1995.  After it was over the actress went into a downward spiral of alcohol and drug abuse, binging on meth,coke and ecstasy.  She details her drug abuse in her 2009 memoir Unsweentined. In the book she talks about how she got sober when her daughter was born in 2008 and later went on a speaking tour about her sobriety during which time she fell back into her drug addiction. Sweetin has only done a few short and independent films over the years, however, she has most notably hosted a silly dance contest TV show called Pants-Off Dance-Off. The 30 year old actress has had two children, two marriages, and is currently engaged for a third.

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    what hangin with Mr.Cooper was y’all watching because he had no kids and raven played his cousin

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    I’m afraid I don’t miss these people, since I never watched the moronic shows they had parts in.

  • Why would you start of with blossom who is on the Big Bang Theroy?

    • Kek

      Not everybody knows that! I didn’t so it seems kinda valid to me. In fact, I venture to guess most people don’t know that since most people don’t watch that show. LOL. Also, the title of this slide show says ” Stars you PROBABLY haven’t seen MUCH.” Why do people gripe about small ish?

      • Headshaker

        Most people don’t watch… the top rated comedy on television? Wake up.

        • Kek

          In a country with over 300 million people a show that averages between 15-17 million views…has “most people” viewing? Wake up.

    • ♏ ®

      I think that the point of Mayim being on the list is that before the Big Bang Theory, no one had seen or heard from her in a decade or more.

  • vivian

    Mayim Bialik is currently a main character on Big Bang Theory….one of the top rated comedies on television.

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    Who are these people?

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    lol. That’s exactly her. She posted that photo on her twitter!

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    I always wondered what happened to Karyn Parsons.. She was gorgeous!

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    What happened to “JTT”?

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    Keenan is doing a lot better than Kel, but I still don’t see why people think he’s that funny

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    Luke Perry has AGED

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    LOVED Laura Winslow!!!!

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    Alfonso Ribiero. First knew of him as The Tapdance Kid, THEN when he was on Silver Spoons.
    See him on the Game Show Network every weekend LOL

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    Thea is still beautiful & I loved her show. It was the first time I’d ever heard Brandy sing.

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    Kellie Shanygne Jackson is BEAUTIFUL! Always has been & has aged well. So has Karyn Parsons.

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    Oh it’s her alright. She has gone the Michael Jackson route.

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