15 Tasty Holiday Drink Recipes

15 Tasty Holiday Cocktail & Drink Recipes To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Not quite in the holiday spirit yet? Well never fear. We have a few concoctions that will have you decking the halls in no time. From the Cuppa Good Chair to The Caroling Cup, here are 15 holiday cocktails and drink recipes that will put you in a more cheerful mood. Make them for yourself or enjoy with friends at your next holiday party!

Cuppa Good Chair


  • 1.5 oz.SKYY Infusions Cherry
  • 0.5 oz.White Creme de Cacao
  • 4 oz.Hot Cocoa
  • 1 oz.Half ‘n Half
  • Whipped Cream
  • Maraschino Cherry

Combine all ingredients into a holiday mug and top with whipped cream, red sprinkles and a Maraschino Cherry.

Whether you anticipate a White Christmas or a California Endless Summer, we all snuggle up with loved ones and a cup of warm hot cocoa at least once during the holiday season. Thick, frothy and decadent, a Cuppa Good Cheer featuring SKYY Infusions Cherry is a mature version of a holiday favorite and certain to keep spirits bright.