Eve’s Back: The Rapper’s Style Evolution From Ruff Ryder To Rocker Chic

Photo: Getty Images

Eve attends the Fifth Annual Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards in 1999.


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  1. says:

    She finally got that white baby she always wanted by a rich white man!

    • says:

      where she said that at?

    • says:

      Why are these types of comment necessary… Black men are in short supply in case you have not notice….

      • says:

        “ short supply”..lol!

        If you mean good black men then the same could be said about black women, because so many of them are unwed baby mamas and don’t mind having more babies out of wedlock!

        • says:

          Just keep this mind, these women aren’t getting pregnant on their own…

          • says:

            Keep in mine when those women don’t plan for those children properly, they will be raising them on their own!

            So your point is?

          • says:

            I would think that my point is quite clear. Yes, there are Black women who are unwed, single mothers. Yes, there is personal accountability for their part in that if they continue that cycle. I can agree with you on that, wholeheartedly. What I need you to acknowledge is that Black women SOLELY are not the cause for this problem. If men continue to lay with them, not wife them, and then leave them to raise these kids without any financial support, they are EQUALLY ACCOUNTABLE for the problem.

            So, now I ask you, what is your point, Sir?

          • says:

            Clearly, you must not know who is being hurt the most by black women allowing unqualified men to father children by them!

            Let me remind you that black women are the ones on welfare, living in ghettos, and get to see the children they love and raise d!e and imprisoned.

            I don’t hear baby daddies complaining about any of that!

            Black women should want more than being a baby mama.They should not allow men to decrease their worth.

            You know how a black woman becomes a black baby mama?

            I’ll tell you! They think men are “equally accountable” for the accountably, morality, and responsibility of women!

          • says:

            You clearly misunderstood my point. I didn’t say that Black men are equally accountable for someone else’s morality. BUT they are responsible for their own and indeed are equally accountable for leaving their children fatherless and financially struggling.

            You want to assign blame to one group over the next. My point is that all of us have a responsibility for things that we do and continue to put into the community. It is about us taking individual accountability for our actions.

        • says:

          Whatever the truth is black men are intimidated by smart attractive black women, there is more single black professional women than black men. Anyways black men complain and put down Black women to much.

          • says:

            That’s funny because you are right but with all that education black women still lack intelligence.

            Black women have all that education but black men own more companies than black women.

            Black women get all that education and go work for the white man because black women aren’t building anything.

          • says:

            Lol What a stupid analogy white women also own less companies than white men, even though more women PERIOD go to college than men. So your fact doesn’t really matter.

          • says:

            And what is wrong with working for the “white man” they are people. We are all people, God doesn’t love white people more or Black people more.

  2. says:

    props to her im trying get me a rich white man too. Lol

  3. says:

    I love Eve. Always have, always will. I am happy for her and I hope they are truly happy as a couple.

  4. says:

    Congratulations Eve!!!!!!Love knows no color and all blood is red. I’m sure she will have beautiful baby, and won’t be showing only the back of the baby’s head

    • says:

      Same all that “love knows no color” bullshit. Love has color when it’s a rich Black men, but when it’s a Black women, its all good right? Typically, self-hating, mix baby wanting, Black chick! If love had no color, then Black women need to STFU and leave Black men alone when dating out their race!

      • says:

        I cannot speak for others, I can only speak for myself. Black men (or anyone else on this planet) dating outside of their race is not the problem. The problem is when there are gross negative generalizations about why one group of people (Black Women for example) should not be dated over another. That is ignorance on the person’s part and it doesn’t do anything but further erode our already struggling communities.

  5. says:

    But the dude already has 5 kids ? alrighty then, if it was a black dude that have 5 kids already we would hear everyone calling him every name in the book.

  6. says:

    I want an Italian..I’m giving black men up. Too Ruthless.

    • says:

      Maybe they have already given-up on you…….ijs.

    • says:

      @ tq – They most certainly are ruthless… they most certainly are. I am currently engaged to a white man (the first white man I’ve ever dated). I don’t know what took me so long to jump ship. My guy is Italian as well. Treats me like a queen.

      • says:

        You are a loser for thinking the way you do. Question: have you ever given an opportunity to a black man who was as square as the white men you date? If you had, it might have worked out. Quit comparing thugs to white businessmen.

      • says:

        That’s what Halle Berry said. We see how that’s working out. But best of luck to her. I ain’t mad at nobody for finding love as they see it.

    • says:

      Not all of them. Don’t give up just yet. I know black men have a high rate of f%cking up but don’t say all black men ruthless. Men are men rather they be white, black, or brown.

    • says:

      not all men black or otherwise are the same, women are of all colors are ruthless

  7. says:

    Gut full of ballin’ billionaire. KFC (Ka F#%king Ching!)!!!

  8. says:

    Been wondering what happened to her… Guess now I know.

  9. says:

    I don’t care what you guys say he is ugly!

  10. says:

    I double-dog-dare him to marry her first…….

  11. says:

    congratulations to both!

  12. says:

    I knew it! I saw her plump face and immediately knew.

  13. says:

    he looks like a woman beater

  14. says:

    His 5th child, really where are his other kids at??? How many baby mamas does he have? Is this dude really that better?

  15. says:

    WHOA, Eve’s with a white man. I never saw that coming but if she’s happy, then that’s what matters most. Still shocked though.

  16. says:

    eve??????…say it isn’t so??????..make him pay,,,what he weigh.

  17. says:

    Eve lost her street cred with this one, but then again “actresses” don’t need street cred. Still, let her try to cut another rap album after becoming a baby mama for a white dude NOT named Eminem. Her shyt is not gonna sell. I hope for her sake that her acting career keeps poppin’ ‘cuz her rap career is OVER.

    • says:

      How you gonna speak death on somebody’s career like that?Who needs street cred when she tryna to do something DIFFERENT with her self..Maybe its not about street cred but about her evolving..period..Whether it be with a white man, black man, brown man, whoever lets lift her up and wish the best for her..You need to check yourself on this one..get rid of that jealousy and judgemental spirit..Its not cool and its def not GOD.

  18. says:

    EVE thinks she lucked out and got a rich white baby daddy cuz her career is over– but like most dumb rappers she aint read the fine line in the contract –PRENUP !!! hahaha–this will be over soon and eve will spend the next 18yrs in court tryin to claim sumthin

  19. says:

    Good for her for finding a decent man and not some ghetto thug!

  20. says:

    So happy for her, wish them the very best.

  21. says:

    Have even less respect for her now! She’s done nothing in a while so irrelevant anyway.

  22. says:

    A man with a bunch of kids already, I thought Eve was smarter than that!

  23. says:

    He looks funny!

  24. says:

    he will marry her, she is beautiful, and by the way, I have a white husband. Later for these stupid thugs who spit out babies like pumpkin seeds.

    -team white man

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