90's Fashion Trends That Should Never Make a Comeback

’90s Fashion Trends That Should Never Make A Comeback


The ’90s brought us some of the silliest fashions ever! Too colorful, too baggy, too crazy! With ’90s style creeping back into the fashion world, we take a look back at 15 fashion trends of the ’90s that just should never be brought back to the mainstream. Take a look at this list and ask yourself “What was I thinking?!”

1. The Hi-Top Fade aka the Box Fade Haircut

The box fade or hi-top fade haircut was a must in the hip-hop and R&B culture of the late ’80s and early ’90s. The cut came in several varieties like the “gumby” (slanted to the side) sported by Bobby Brown, the ultra hi-top fade that Christopher “Kid” Reid wore, the low hi-top fade, and the Steps fade. All the coolest and toughest cats rocked this do: Tupac, Big Daddy Kane, Will Smith…shoot, even Vanilla Ice had a box! Some women even wore them! It was cool then. It’s laughable now. This style just has no place in today’s fashion world, PERIOD. Why would you want hair that looked like an un-used pencil eraser? It is not okay.

2. Shoulder Pads

Look, Grace Jones is rocking the box fade and shoulder pads! Double offense in the 21st century.


For some reason it was fashionable in the ’80s and early ’90s to look like a football player. Every shirt and jacket was outfitted with a pair of shoulder pads to give the appearance of broader, more stately, shoulders. Everybody and their mama donned shoulder pads. You remember how upset your mom would get when one of her shoulder pads went missing. She just couldn’t wear the outfit without them, and no matter how hard you tried, as a kid, you just couldn’t understand why she thought they looked so darn cool. Of course, that didn’t stop her from forcing you to wear them. It was just so darn cute, shoulder pads in your little dress suit! Gag. The young 90’s generation shunned the shoulder pad in the mid-late 90’s, and rightfully so.

3. Skorts


This 90’s fashion trend most likely originated back in the day to allow women to ride astride instead of sidesaddle on a horse. It merged a skirt and shorts. The skort  is regulation for women in tennis, and became an all out trend in the 90’s. The modern tom girl could still look like a lady but play like the boys. Shorts in the back, skirt in the front.  It was like the mullet for clothes. Nowadays wearing a skort only makes you look like you work at a fast food joint. Don’t ask why. It just does.

4. Bowl Haircuts

Do we even need to say why this 90’s trend is unacceptable today? Just look at the photo. All the teen heartthrobs of the 90’s rocked the bowl cut. Heck, it probably was a sign of attractiveness to girls back then, but now bowl haircuts belong on little boys and little boys only, and maybe not even then…

5. Bodysuits

Bodysuits were a convenient way to not have to constantly tuck in your shirt, but that’s pretty much where the convenience ends. Bodysuits were uncomfortable, gave you a wedgie that would put jocks out of business, and were far too time consuming. Fumbling around trying to unsnap and snap the buttons in the crotch to go the bathroom was just ridiculous. Not to mention those times when you’re rushing and forget to snap it back together or somehow it comes undone and you’re walking around with an embarrassing tail all day. This trend might be coming back on the fringe with artists like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry but for us regular gals,  it’s just not worth it.

6. Knee-high Stockings

Photo: WENN.com

This trend needs to stay in the 90’s, and probably shouldn’t have emerged back then but thanks to the likes of Britney Spears and the classic teeny bopper film Clueless, the Hot school girl outfit, plaid uniforms, and knee-high/thigh-high stockings were in effect. Let us set the record straight here: the only time you should wear knee-high stockings not under pants and boots, or as a part of your burlesque costume, is if you are an actual school girl. No exceptions.

7.  Bantu Knots

These funny little knots and variations of them were plastered all over the heads of 90’s stars like Gwen Stefani, Bjork, and Mel B.  (Scary Spice). You rocked them too, didn’t you? Of course you did! What’s done is done. We won’t fault you, but just don’t let us catch you in them now unless your intention is to do a Bantu knot out. In which case, we salute your gorgeous springy curls.

8. Ruffled Shirts

Ruffled shirts belong on Shakespearean poets and Latin cha-cha dancers. Nuff said.

9. Solid Tees Under Blazers With Large Shoulder Pads

The Miami Vice look crept into the ’90s as well with stars like Kirk Cameron donning the bright colored tees under their blazers. Suits were baggy, large shoulder pads were in, and it should not be done again

10. Cross Colours Clothes

The Cross Colours line of clothing was all about bright colors and crazy colored patterns to symbolize that fact that people of different colors can live together in harmony. The slogan was “Clothing without Prejudice.” It was a hit in the young African American market, especially the hip hop scene, but the colors and patterns today are just too much for the eye to take.

11. Coogi Sweaters

There’s some things that just shouldn’t have been done. The Coogi sweater was one of them. It was like a box of crayons threw up on a sweater, and grandma thought it was art so she gave it to all of America as a birthday gift. Then, we all wore it because she wanted us to, and someone told us it looked good because they didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I think that someone was Biggie Smalls. Yeah, blame him.

12. Tie Dye

Tie dye clothes were fun and colorful, but just like the other way too colorful clothes on this list, multicolored tie dye clothes belong in the 90’s and should only be touched as a kid’s arts and crafts project.

13. Bandana As a Headband

A bandana around the head in the 90’s said “gangsta.” A bandana around the head for men today says “trying to hard” and “gay.” So, unless you are gay or trying hard to be, please refrain. That is all.

14. Overalls

Overalls went from being necessary attire for painters to being a popular fashion trend in the 90’s. Everybody walked around looking like maintenance workers, and it was considered a style. Overalls were okay for the baggy-clothes-90’s, Dennis the Menace, painters/labor workers, and little kids, but I’d like to think that us adults have evolved in the 21st century.

15. Hats with Giant Flowers

That hat! That darn Blossom hat with that darn giant sunflower! It was gaudy in a cheesy my-mom-definitely-dressed-me-today kind of way.Yet, female celebs wore them all the time (Tori Spelling, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc.)  Hats are totally in these days, but there simply isn’t a place a for a giant sunflower.

  • detroitbread

    I’ve seen at least six of these “has been” trends worn today. Bandana head band, knee high stockings, body suits, coogi, shoulder pads, solid tee under blazer, I know I’ve seen at least one person with a box fade lol and I just read that they’re bringing back 95′ air maxes

  • AZ

    I think knee-high stockings are attractive, there’s nothing wrong with a t-shirt under a blazer (it’s intended to occupy an area between casual and business-casual), and overalls are extremely useful work clothes for many people.


    • Keisha Samoht

      I know they do in Chicago, 2 out of every 3 boys got one one of the 2 got a high top fade…

  • Keisha Samoht

    Well when this was written box Fades were already being worn again… so that should have not been on here there were even guys who rocked it high like Kid.

  • Brandy

    You totally forgot stirrup pants… and Day-glo.

  • klink

    The only ones I wholeheartedly agree on are 8, 9 & 15. Enjoy your boring existence as a wanna-be fashionista

  • fuzzydred

    Are you serious? I was in high school and college in the 90’s and I never thought I’d see the day where men were wearing skinny jeans and capri pants. I won’t even get started on the young ladies wearing tights as pants. Fashion is TERRIBLE in this day and age. I love when I see 90’s throwbacks. Puts a smile on my face.

    • lanmanna

      You DO know capris are a 90s thing, right?

      • fuzzydred

        If I recall correctly, capri pants were worn by women in the 90s; hence my comment that expressly states men are wearing that type of clothing now.

  • Maria Doakes

    This author is really ignorant.
    Bantu knots are hairstyles worn by black people originating from hundreds of years ago and aren’t some “funny little buns.”

  • Maria Doakes

    This author is really ignorant.
    Bantu knots are hairstyles worn by black people originating from hundreds of years ago and aren’t some “funny little buns.”

  • Maria Doakes

    This author is really ignorant.
    Bantu knots are hairstyles worn by black people originating from hundreds of years ago and aren’t some “funny little buns.”

  • Maria Doakes

    This author is really ignorant.
    Bantu knots are hairstyles worn by black people originating from hundreds of years ago and aren’t some “funny little buns.”

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