StyleBlazer Splurge: Get Your Own Birkin Bag... Made Of LEGO Bricks

StyleBlazer Splurge: Get Your Own Birkin Bag… Made Of LEGO Bricks


Whimsical jewelry designer, Tamara Ecclestone, has penned a name for herself by recreating trendy accessories with LEGOs.

Her new creation is a fully functional, full-size Birkin bag that retails for $400 on Etsy. Seeing how a real Hermès Birkin bag cost somewhere in the $7,000 range, you may wanna re-look this purse if you’ve always wanted one. The LEGO creation measures in at 20 x 26 x 13cm and requires 5-7 of workdays. It also comes in white, yellow, red, blue, light and dark grey if you’re not a fan of the black.



-Danielle Kwateng