5 Alternatives to the Bubblegum Pink 'Nicki Minaj' Lipstick Look

5 Alternatives To The Bubblegum Pink ‘Nicki Minaj’ Lipstick Look

Photo: Derrick Salters/WENN


StyleBlazers, in the words of Joan Rivers, can we talk?

Look, we get that we’re all trying to push the envelope and be ahead of the pack with our look, but we have to draw the line somewhere with this bubblegum pink lipstick. We blame Nicki Minaj because now it has infiltrated Jennifer Hudson’s makeup bag. The singer and Weight Watchers spokeswoman showed up in an unflattering shade of the pink lipstick while making an appearance at Lucky magazine’s Lucky Shops event in NYC last Friday. And the expression she has on her face in the image above is the SAME one we had when we saw this look.

But this is not to say brown girls can’t wear pink lipstick. We can! It’s just that out of the gazillion shades of pink out there, why settle for such a jarring hue?

So we’ve come up with 5 much more flattering shades of pink that won’t land you a one-way ticket to Oompa Loompa land. Click through to see them!

MAC Lipstick in Up the Amp. This color still allows you to wear a bold, brighter pink, but because it has more of a mauve base, it’s much more flattering.


BECCA Cosmetics Ultimate Lip Colour in Autumn Punch. Ultimate Lip Colour is awesome because it’s a long-wearing gloss that isn’t sticky. The Autumn Punch color is a deeper pink that incorporates more of a berry tone making it appear natural to you lips.

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    Subscribe on you tube # the closet guru………I agree everybody and, they momma thinks they can wear bubble gum pink….all wrong! Up the amp i luuuuv