It’s Just Not a Good Look: 15 Bad Plastic Surgery Jobs On Reality Stars!

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The pressures of Hollywood are hard to cope with sometimes. You have to be one of the beautiful people or you’re a nobody…or so these Reality TV stars thought. They underwent cosmetic procedures to stay or become beautiful, but as you’ll see on this list, they probably should have left well enough alone. The following reality TV stars would’ve been better off embracing their aging looks rather than forcing youthfulness.


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  1. says:

    That lacefront Tamar is wearing doesn’t help her appearance much at all

  2. says:

    Most of these are “Real Housewives” (which they aren’t) and I don’t consider them celebrities, either. And a rather high ratio are married to plastic surgeons. What, they couldn’t find any wives of plumbers or engineers to be on the show? I

  3. says:

    The white ones, I could care less about. It’s a fact that they don’t age well. It’s the black women who want to look like them and be accepted by them. Black women who eff with their faces never fair well from the results. The either look like old black jews, chinese, japanese, muppets. It’s like they will take anything as long as it’s not black. I can’t stand the fake hair, it smells, it’s not you and makes you bald. And to you who wears this korean wear, you know that you would never ever be with a man wearing a wig or toupee. And when you take your beautiful black faces from royalty to fakery, this is self hate and not improvement as you say, when the truth to matter is that you would rather look like a muppet then be black. You’re acting Napoleon when he rode up on the Sphinx in Giza. When he saw the face was of an African, he did his own type of plastic surgery by blowing off the nose and lips making it what you see today.

    • says:

      Excellent point!! Yeah whites say they hate our full lips, complexion, etc. and they in turn get surgery to look like us, and most Blacks trying to look like them by getting nose jobs, bleaching, etc.. Crazy.Where was NE NE Leakes? New York? and other sisters destroying themselves?

    • says:

      You made my day. Thank you!!

    • says:

      What an incredibly ignorant comment. First off, it’s “I COULDN’T care less.” To say that you could care less, means that you care!!!!! Save your stupid, racist comments for your friends over drinks. You wouldn’t appreciate it if someone said that they couldn’t care less about the black women. Don’t do to others what you would be belly aching about if done to you. NO, I’m not white. Just fed up with stupidity.

    • says:

      Forget to mention. It is NOT A FACT that white women don’t age well. THAT IS ONLY YOUR OPINION AND THAT’S ALL IT IS.

      • says:

        White girls don’t age well though, the reason I think is that their skin gets leathery from lack of pigment or too much tanning. Especially without make up some of these girls i’ve seen look 40 and they are a few years out of high school, smoking doesn’t help either (cigs). On the other hand i’ve seen asian girls in their 40s and thought they were still in high school. It’s not racist if it’s true, I think it’s just harder for white girls to keep their skin healthy due to genetics. Yes races DO differ genetically like it or not, hispanics and blacks susceptible to sickle cell and diabetes, white girls age badly, asians get bad ear wax (fact, they have ear cleaners that make house calls it is so bad). People need to learn the difference between facts and opinions, it is what it is.

      • says:

        NOT A FACT…..depends on genes….i’m in my 80’s and some think i’m in my 70’s !!!!!!!!!! NO WRINKLES !!!!!!

      • says:

        Too true, I am white and am 26 I get that I look 17 still! I get carded everywhere, I do not smoke or do drugs blah blah. I simply call it the “young” gene, my sister and I are both this way and she is 30 now. And yes tanning adds to the aging process, I don’t go out in the sun much.

    • says:

      You’re an idiot!

    • says:

      I am white and I was still getting carded when I was 50, so people like me blow your comment away that white women don’t age well. That is not true in many cases. It just depends on how people, of any race, treat themselves.

  4. says:

    For Tori Spelling, you need to do a little research. She has a condition called pectus
    excavatum which leaves an indent in the chest. She’s had it forever.
    It’s not a botched boob job. You’d think places like these would need
    to do SOME research, I just had to google it. It took me, literally,
    less than 20 seconds to find out what it was called. You can’t find 20
    seconds to keep yourself from looking like morons?

    • says:

      she has only mention this in the pass.

    • says:

      It’s too late for you I’m afraid.

    • says:

      What are you a self-appointed apologist for Tori Spelling and other full time associates of the “born ugly squad?” This woman, and others of her cast, should give up on trying to look like gentile women. They’ll never make the grade and they should give up on trying to perform the impossible.

      • says:

        @Skiltz1……You must be an ABSOLUTE knockout, maybe even a lookalike for Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Jackie Kennedy or even Princess Dianna..OR if you’re a guy, Robert Redford, Tom Cruise….What are you? A member of the ‘Beautiful People’ ? You should be ASHAMED of yourself…I’ll tell you one thing and I do NOT even know Tori Spelling, but odds are, she has MORE empathy than you EVER will….SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  5. says:

    Botox & fillers can be done by any type of physician. Dermatologist commonly do cosmetic procedures.

  6. says:

    36????!!!! Are you joking? She looks like she at LEAST in her 50s!!! WOW!

  7. says:

    she looks like the devil lol

  8. says:

    Big Ang is only 36?! She looks way older.

  9. says:

    Adrienne’s husband apparently got his revenge before the divorce. What I don’t get is the disparity. Some celebs have had plenty done (Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise) and yet you can’t really tell. Is it a matter of taking it slower, more small procedures, obviously more expensive but far more positive results.

  10. says:

    Botox and filler do NOT have to be injected by a plastic surgeon. Nurses and Medical Assistants can do fillers and botox.

    • says:

      I’d never let a medical assistant (whatever that is) do a botox fill. A nurse yes, under the guidance of a doctor. The stuff is medicine and it does have serious, long-term effects. It’s called “cosmetic” in the sense of how most people use it but it is a powerful drug.

  11. says:

    I think that Joan looks great. Yes, plastic but so what? At her age she can do whatever she wants to do. Let it go already.

  12. says:

    How is Little Kim NOT on this list…

  13. says:

    Some family member of Pete Burns needs to get this mentally ill moron locked up. What’s with the “I just got shot by a nail-gun” look? Is that what is holding that clown mask on?

    Give me a break. The Housewives of …… Need to change the title to the “House-Idiots of ….”

  14. says:

    I remember how Bruce Jenner looked at the time he won the Olympics. He was such a beautiful man. It’s unfortunate that he had work done to his perfect face.

  15. says:

    Big Ang, I can understand the 36J. For years I’ve been buying a 50D, a little snug but they fit. After my sister suggested going in and haven’t a bra made, that was the size the lady stated mine are. They are around the same size as Ang but mine are real, and I’ve hated them my entire life. It’s just hard finding shirts that fit that don’t look like I raided my grandmothers closet.

  16. says:

    Jane Fonda needs to be on this list. Her plastic surgery wasn’t nearly as successful as she seems to think it was.

  17. says:

    Botox and fillers don’t have to be done by a cosmetic surgeon. This writer is being a little harsh about a few of these people. Anything to make a point.

  18. says:

    Shaksmac, this article was SO POORLY written. How distasteful that you had to make all your snotty & rude comments. Report, don’t place you opinions in everything. NO ONE wants to read them!

  19. says:

    The point is, DON’T do any type of surgery. Especially plastic surgery!

  20. says:

    who is this woman?

  21. says:

    WTF 13.Pete Burns THAT IS A MAN. WTF

  22. says:

    Adrienne maloof had plastic surgery long before she was reality shows and her husband didn’t do it. terrible research.

  23. says:

    Is there no Music trend?

  24. says:

    Hello! Friends

  25. says:

    j aime et tres cordialement

  26. says:

    This is a drag queen, right?

  27. says:


  28. says:

    I can drive to this retreat from Harrisburg Pa or possibly from Ashland Virginia. I will have room for one or two people depending on the gear. Let me know.

  29. says:

    That’s it! Yeah… you can fight time with your money. Can you say shallow and vain! Not to mention……. you look ridiculous!

  30. says:

    وع وع وع

  31. says:

    Eu também estou interessado em estilos.

  32. says:

    Maaaan who’s that, puppet face???

  33. says:

    They look like zombies!

  34. says:

    OMG she look like a duppy

  35. says:

    bare faltu log ho jo itna time hai fazool batoon ke liye

  36. says:

    HORRIBLE……don’t try to look like something you are not…….
    perfect example

  37. says:

    no entiendo ni jjjjjjjjjjjjjj

  38. says:

    No it doesnt!

  39. says:

    Someone should go to prison for inflicting this grotesque face on this person. Is it a man or woman? Human?

  40. says:

    All of these “Real Housewives” seem very fake and shallow.

    It is par for the course for plasticized Tinseltown culture seen on every stupid reality show on TV. You have to be a complete moron to watch this garbage.

  41. says:

    80% of premature aging is caused from the sun. There’s no such thing as “young genes” it’s all about how you take care of your skin. Washing your face, antioxidant serums, moisturizing, and using SPF. You need to reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours. Skincare is how you say looking young, no matter what your race.

  42. says:

    They should have just went to south korea and got it done. It would have looked very natural.

  43. says:

    real house of horrors

  44. says:

    Obviously not very “real” housewives, now are they? In fact, with a little pink fluff on top of her head, Elsa Patton could be a doppelganger for Jeff Dunham’s puppet Peanut!

  45. says:

    and they moderate comments here!! haha, what a scam!!!!!

  46. says:

    big ang looks about 60

  47. says:

    I seriously thought Big Ang was in her 50’s!!!!

  48. says:

    i thought this was celebrities?????????????? must have hit the wrong button.

  49. says:

    botox and fillers can be done also by a dermatologist

  50. says:

    You can look at Tori Spelling and only see she has an a collapsed breast? What about that uglylooking plastic face. Every single thing on her face has been done. She is absolutely scary. It really a tale of leave well enough alone or you may regret it. She should sue the surgeon who continued to do work on her.

  51. says:

    Maybe Tori Spelling has had a breast lump removed which caused the indent. I looked closely at the photo and I don’t notice an indent. She looks cute and healthy to me!

  52. says:

    Did you really have touse the word such an ignorant word as “Tranny” for Pete Burns? Was Trans too long ? Or do you like to perpetuate the use of derogatory terms?

  53. says:

    Great job using a trans slur to describe Pete Barns. I would suggest you NOT do that.

  54. says:

    I like the people who write these articles to post their pictures and let everyone judge them.

  55. says:

    I wanna see what YOU look like…hahahaha…

  56. says:

    Pete Burns looks like Cher’s doppelganger… except younger. Can’t tell if Pete himself is Dead or Alive.

  57. says:

    freaks – all of them
    they all need long term therapy in a mental institution
    preferably ECT
    plug ‘em in…

  58. says:

    The photo of Pete Burns is about 3 or 4 years old. Try and be more up to date!

  59. says:

    Pete burns – ugly as a camels arsehole

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