6 Ugly Christmas Sweaters Perfect For Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties This Season

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party via Flickr/Ramseymohsen

The holiday season calls for celebration. There’s usually a party for just about anything after Thanksgiving until the New Year. Who doesn’t enjoy getting together with family and friends to drink, eat and have tons of fun? One of our favorite holiday-themed parties happens to be the Ugly Christmas Sweater party. It’s a chance for us all to put those ugly Christmas sweaters to use and get a good laugh while we’re at it.  The best part is the competition. Whoever shows up with the ugliest sweater wins and scores a Christmas gift. Where’s the downside to this?

Check out thee ugliest sweaters we’ve found this season that can win you first place.



Ugly Christmas sweaters usually involve everything Christmas related littered on one cut of fabric. Urban Outfitters brings you vintage ones in different shades and styles.

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