A Load Of Crocs Cost Counterfeiters Forty Six Years In Prison

A Load Of Crocs Cost Counterfeiters Forty Six Years In Prison

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we say the word Crocs?  Exactly.  Every fashion girl worth her salt knows that Crocs are a fashion no-no –pass given to those who work in the healthcare industry.  So who would have guessed that the seedy underworld of designer knockoffs had a Crocs division?  According to WWD, “through September 2012 more than 600,000 pairs of counterfeit Crocs shoes have been confiscated through factory raids and customs seizures in China.”  The Chinese government is doing more than seizing the counterfeit goods, they are sending a strong message by incarcerating the counterfeiters.  On Friday, a sentence of 46 years in prison was handed down, by the Shanghai Yangpu District Court and the Dongguan City No. 1 District Court, to 18 Chinese counterfeiters for selling 128,752 pairs of knockoff Crocs. According to WWD’s report, “seventeen of the individuals were convicted of counterfeiting, and three of the 18 were convicted of offering bribes. In addition to jail time, the counterfeiters face fines totaling about 2,832,500 RMB or nearly $450,896.”


StyleBlazer, what are you thoughts on knockoffs and the individuals who provide the goods?




  • Ms.Green2u

    I remember when crocs were only for healthcare professionals. Then many people started wearing them for fashion purposes and for comfort. Eventually I knew someone would began to make the counterfeit shoes as well. Anytime there is a high demand for a product many people aim to get the same type of success. I believe by placing such a hard consequence it will eliminate the constant counterfeiting.

  • sugarbabydoll22

    you need knock offs for the black and white trash who cannot afford the real thing