Raf Simons Wants To Change Dior's Direction (Dior: Coming To A Sidewalk Near You)

Raf Simons Wants To Change Dior’s Direction (Dior: Coming To A Sidewalk Near You)

Photo Credit: WENN

Raf Simons is a man on a mission and high on the list is changing the face of Dior.  It was just April of this year that he was named creative director and charged with the task of winning over the die-hard fans of his predecessor, John Galliano.  It was a successful feat as both his couture and ready- to-wear lines were met with rave reviews.  Now he wishes to take the brand to another level and establish a recognizable signature.  In an interview with Alexandra Shulman, British Vogue editor, he names Chanel as an example of a brand with a distinctive signature. He explained that the Chanel woman need not be seen, “I smell her from round the corner, but I don’t recognize the Dior woman.  I want to work on that fast. Chanel has the deluxe-pièces with the pockets, or the bouclé, but what is it for Dior nowadays? I can’t say.”

More than establishing a recognizable signature, he wants to make the brand more “street friendly.”  Simons feels “Dior’s ultimate obsession is that he wanted [the public] to wear it. I want them to wear it on the street.  If it doesn’t relate to the outside, then it would be very theatrical for me.”  It is clear that his direction and vision for the fashion house is a 180 from that of his predecessor, but without change evolution is not possible.  Some may be worried about what this means for the brand, but we are not, with Chanel as a model he can’t go wrong.


StyleBlazers, how do you feel about Dior’s possible new direction?