15 Celebrities Who Have Had Tattoos Removed

Heartache and Pain Led Them To This : 15 Celebs Who Have Had Tattoos Altered Or Removed

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Tattoos have never been trendier, but a person needs to weigh the long-term impact of getting ink permanently emblazoned on their skin. To deter anyone from an ill-advised bit of ink, here are 15 celebrities who’ve had their own tattoo regrets altered or removed from their body.

Johnny Depp

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Back in his Edward Scissorhands days, Johnny Depp proclaimed his love for co-star Winona Ryder by getting “Winona Forever” tattooed across his arm. Upon their break-up, Depp decided to alter the tattoo to proclaim his love for alcohol, removing two letters to declare himself a “Wino Forever.” Captain Jack Sparrow would certainly approve…

Megan Fox

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Transformers star Megan Fox announced in March she would be getting the tattoo of Marilyn Monroe’s face removed from her right arm. Fox proclaimed she and husband Brian Austin Green were in the process of removing the tattoos because they “don’t necessarily need them anymore.” Unfortunately, the actress hasn’t enjoyed the procedure thus far, describing it as “extremely painful” and “traumatizing.”

Kelly Osbourne

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In 2009, Kelly Osbourne announced she would be getting all 15 of her tattoos removed despite the pain and high cost involved. The actress told a British talk show that she saw the tattoos as a way of hurting herself and, in the process, her parents Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. She has also admitted that she didn’t want to let herself be defined by the ink as she has grown older.

50 Cent

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50 Cent announced he would be having his tattoos removed back in 2010. The actor told sources he wanted to do it as a way to cut down on time spent in the make-up chair during movie shoots. While he committed to removing the more visible ink from his arms, he has kept the 50 Cent logo tattooed across his back.

Charlie Sheen


After getting married to Brooke Mueller in 2008, Charlie Sheen announced he would be removing all thirteen of his tattoos. He started the process by getting the name of his former wife, Denise Richards, removed from one of his wrists. Ironically, Mueller and Sheen would divorce in 2010.

Denise Richards

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During her romance with Sheen, Denise Richards also got a matching tattoo of “Charlie” on her ankle. Following their split, she had covered it up with the image of a fairy.

Angelina Jolie

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In another case of romance causing poor tattoo decisions, Angelina Jolie commemorated her marriage to actor/director Billy Bob Thornton by having his name tattooed onto her left arm with a dragon hovering above it. Following their divorce, she had his name removed, but kept the dragon for a while. Eventually, she would have it removed completely and replaced with the longitude and latitude of her six children’s birth places.

Billy Bob Thornton

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Thornton had his matching Angelina tattoo covered up with the image of an Angel and the word “Peace.” In an interview with AP Radio, Thornton explained it was his way of saying “No hard feelings.”

Tommy Lee

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Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee reportedly had a tattoo of a swastika removed in the late 80s. It would become the center of media attention following Lee’s club going fisticuffs with photographer Henry Trappler, who happened to be Jewish. Trappler claimed the fight was over race-relations and tried to use the swastika as evidence, though Lee’s lawyer would dismiss it as “nothing more than a stupid tattoo obtained several years ago.” The suit would settle out of court and the swastika has since been long gone.

Pharrell Williams

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In 2008, Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes revealed he was going to have his tattoos removed. The process is still ongoing, apparently, as Williams recently announced he was still getting rid of the majority of them.  He would also describe himself as being “young and dumb” at the time when he got them.

Eva Longoria

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A full two years after her divorce from San Francisco Spurs player Tony Parker, Eva Longoria would be seen sporting a red blotch on the back of her neck where a tattoo of his spelled out number, “nine”, used to be. In 2011 she also had their wedding date removed from her wrist.

Marc Anthony

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Before his split with wife Jennifer Lopez in 2011, singer/actor Marc Anthony had “Jennifer” tattooed to his wrist. Around the time the divorce was going through, Anthony had her name visibly covered up with an image of the Statue of Liberty.

Britney Spears

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During a period of apparent religious enlightenment, Britney Spears had “מהש” tattooed on the back of her neck. The words represented one of 72 names translating to “God” in the Kabbalah. She had the tattoo removed in 2008 for unspecified reasons.

Mark Wahlberg

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In April, actor Mark Wahlberg revealed he had been taking his two oldest children along with him to witness the laser removal of tattoos he’d gotten in his younger days. He brought his kids along to discourage them from pursuing ink of their own. He had all of his tattoos removed before filming of The Fighter to keep him out of the make-up chair for long periods of time.

Russell Brand

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Russell Brand had a Sanskrit tattoo removed from the inside of his right arm. He had gotten the tattoo in 2010 to match with that of ex-wife Katy Perry’s. The tattoo’s meaning? “Go with the flow.”

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