Celebrities with Bad Style: Repeat Offenders of the 2012 Worst Dressed List

2012 Repeat Offenders: Celebs Who Made One Too Many Fashion Faux Pas


Just because you have money and fame doesn’t necessarily mean you have style. Celebrities have access to all the best fashions and all the worst. These celebrities completely missed the mark with their looks on more than one occasion. Hear that? That’s the sound of the fashion police calling them out! Check out these repeat offenders of 2012.

Jennifer Hudson


Photo (R): D. Salters/WENN.com

Photo (L): Mr Blue/WENN.com

Right-You’d think Jennifer Hudson didn’t know she was gonna host a Lucky Magazine event by the way she’s dressed. That brown T-shirt and those orange leather shorts look like she threw on whatever she could find on her closet floor. Then she added some stockings in an attempt to dress it up, and a sweater in case she got cold. Definitely not red carpet ready.

Left– This outfit is one part Grandma, one part biker chick, ALL bad.

Jessica Biel


Photo (L): Dan Jackman/WENN.com

Photo (R): WENN.com

Left- Her face and her shoes are gorgeous but Jessica looks like she was styled by one of the Golden Girls.

Right– The color of this get up is way too close to Jessica’s skin. I’m not sure if she’s wearing a dress or transforming into a creature from Star Trek.

Eva Pigford


Photo (L): FayesVision/WENN.com

Photo (R): Ryan Fu/WENN.com

Left– Eva is rocking those braids, but she almost looks like a floating head in that hot pink turtleneck dress. And the spiked collar with matching spiked gloves coupled with her pointy nails, yeah, she’s definitely channeling some sort of clawed animal.

Right– Everything about this outfit says “man in drag,” right down to Eva’s figure in it. She really missed the mark with this look, unless that was what she was going for…

Lady Gaga


Photo (L):Will Alexander/WENN.com

Photo (R): WENN.com

Left-Gaga got into the  Halloween spirit a month early when she left the Ecuadorian Embassy in September dressed like a witch. Still, this is one of her more subtle looks.

Right– Times like this make us wonder if Lady Gaga is truly aware of the utter mockery she makes of herself? She looks like a cartoon mad scientist in a felt paper-doll dress. Comical!

Nicki Minaj


Photo (L): WENN.com

Photo (R): PNP/WENN.com

Left- We’re not really sure what to make of this outfit, and our guess is that Nicki wasn’t either. That weird fish egg print, mismatch shoes, that boxing championship style belt, and there’s a shako with a plume (marching band hat and feather) coming out of her waist! But why, though?

Right- We know this goes without saying, but Nicki is really taking this “Barbie” thing too far. We applaud her attempt at being professional and conservative, but not so sure dressing like ‘Business Clown Barbie’ in a pepto-bismal suit was the best way to achieve that.

Kelly Osbourne

Photo (L): Michael Carpenter/ WENN.com

Photo (R): B.Dowling/WENN.com

Left- Nashville, here she comes! Kelly looks like she’s ready for a country music crossover in this outfit. Throw in the mad scientist sunglasses, and you’ve got a look that really makes no sense at all.

Right- Have to admit, those neon colors are gorgeous, and overall it’s an interesting color block dress, but the hounds-tooth check clutch is a busy distraction from an already eye popping look, and the flesh-tone shoes are too understated. But the worst offense of all: the shish kabob sitting on top of her head. The whole bright color look together with the hair do, makes Kelly look like a Who from Whoville.


Photo (L): Craig Harris/WENN.com

Photo (R): Daniel Deme/WENN.com

Left-90’s trends are clashing in this look that Rihanna is sporting. The thick jean jacket, ski hat, and thigh-high stockings is Gangster meets school girl. Not cute.

Right– Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice! Stripes. Oversized man blazer. These fashions were from the Acne’s Spring 2013 menswear runway show. This one is just not working.

Kim Kardashian

Photo (L): Hudson/WENN.com

Photo (R): Daniel Tanner/ WENN.com

Left- Did someone forget to chop off the 15 feet of extra fabric on Kim’s dress? The extra long train on the back of this short hem dress doesn’t make sense. And the fringe is reminiscent of a cheap plastic fringe table skirt you might find at Party City. The whole design is just odd.

Right-Love the emerald! Hate the dress on Kim. The crushed velvet fabric, tight cinched waist, and wrap around is not made for her curvy body type in this combination. It makes her look frumpy and draws the eye to her wide hips in an unattractive way. She looks so uncomfortable.

Rita Ora

Photo (L): Credit: Daniel Deme/WENN.com

Photo (R): Lia Toby/WENN.com

 Left- With her hair slick back like that Rita’s got a feminine boyish look going on, but unlike with Rihanna, the fem-boy is not so charming here. The hair is wrong for the dress, and wait, are those clear plastic boots?! Whaaa?

Right- How can such a beautiful woman have such terrible style?  The butterfly/flower/candy wrapper dress: heinous.

Red Foo (LMFAO)

Photo (L): Rachel Worth/WENN.com

Photo (R): WENN

 Left-Red Foo and the rest of the LMFAO gang definitely have their own eccentric style. It never looks good, but that’s a part of their charm. Wearing a half zebra/half cheetah shirt, zippered faux leather pants, zebra loafers, and zebra hat, he just looks silly.

Right- Ever the fan of black and white animal print, Red Foo never misses a chance to make himself look like, well, a fool, in it.

Rashida Jones

Photos: WENN

Left-Rashida Jones clearly didn’t learn any fashion tips from her daddy Quincy Jones. This outfit might have actually worked were it not for the ridiculous collared shirt she’s wearing. A simple black blouse would have done the trick.

Right- This dress is way WAY too busy! Hideous. And what’s Rashida’s fascination with wearing collars on her outfits when she shouldn’t? And why does she always pose with her arm straight at her sides?


Photo (L) : Apega/WENN.com

Photo (R): Daniel Tanner/WENN.com

Left- Hot mess. That is all.

Right- Actually lovin’ her very put together and feminine look, here. Love the color coordination. The only thing wrong with this look is the inundation of bright orange and green lightning bolts all over. Yikes! Hurts the eyes.

Christina Aguilera

Photos: FayesVision/WENN.com

Left-This look is shabby and all over the place, from the red kool-aid dipped hair to the holey Mickey Mouse t-shirt, and the leopard print trucker hat. She should have just gone dressed as a giant question mark.

Right- Christina is looking more and more Latina by the day. Her curvy figure is really showing these days, but this purple dress is not the way to showcase it. It’s too tight and reflective. Really unflattering. And let us not forget the pink and purple hair. Bad.

2 Chainz

Photo (L): FayesVision/WENN.com

Photo (R): Judy Eddy/WENN.com

Left- 2 Chainz is dressed head to toe in Versace, but even that doesn’t save this overly gaudy outfit, and shiny pants, yeah, always a bad idea.

Right- So, in case anyone was wondering, 2 Chains is wearing a Dolce and Gabbana dress shirt. In true rapper style, it has to be plastered all over. So classy.

Kristen Stewart

Photos: WENN

Left-This lacy see-through gown is not the business. Stewart looks like she’s wearing fish scales all over her top half. And are those legs or white pants she’s wearing underneath. Can you say pasty!

Right-Kristen looks like she just got done doing a set with the Dream Girls. Gold sequins all over her gown is sooo 1970’s. Not to mention the dress is just unflattering on her.

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