StyleBlazer Approved: The Evolution of Chris Brown's Bow Ties

StyleBlazer Approved: The Evolution of Chris Brown’s Bow Ties

It started in 2009 when Chris Brown appeared on Larry King Live to discuss assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna. We waited patiently for Breezy to break his silence but shortly after the interview began, we stopped listening. We couldn’t get over his attire. That baby blue bow tie was all we could focus on. #ChrisBrownsBowTie even became a hot topic on Twitter.

Despite being clowned for his fashion sense, Chris continued to show love to his favorite type of neck wear by rocking them to awards shows, on magazine covers and most recently during his record-breaking performance on NBC’s The Today Show. 18,000 fans and millions at home watching him rock out in a hot pink bow tie. Hate it or love it, it looks like dude’s found his fashion staple.

Turn the page to see a few of Breezy’s key bow tie moments

  • bluekid1

    Chris Brown is a very nice looking guy and I guess there wasn't anything to attack him on but his bow tie?? Haters need to get a life or find something worth while to gossip about.

  • cotton124

    I like this new look. Will refer this look to my 24 old college student son. Great Job.