All That Swagger: 15 White Celebrity Men We Thought Would Have Been With Black Women

  • Wrong!

    Adrian Brody briefly dated Naomi Campbell.

    • Lisa

      Lies. Brody only dates white women.

      • Joanne1979

        You wish Becky

  • DapperDante

    I like how half of your “white” people are actually Hispanic, Asian, Latino or of some other culture. Just because they aren’t black doesn’t automatically make them white. Dumb.

    • johnson

      All the men on list ( not teh asian ) are WHITE.

      • Kate Ward

        WTF? Is it possible that you are truly this ignorant? Please be kidding.

    • JohnLeguizamoCracker

      They’re just trying to subtly help the “George Zimmerman is white” narrative.

    • Anastasia Elizondo-Lossow

      Totally agree. As a Latina, don’t get it twisted. Only Spaniards are white in the Hispanic community. And, none of them are Spanish. Dumb.

      • Hector Nunez

        lol ok seriously wtf are you talking about??? dont be like that ignorant 50% of US latinos that dont even know what latino means. it doesnt mean brown by any means because more than 3/4 are barely even tan color let alone brown. and yet they call themselves that because they got their education from Hollywood which classifies automatically all latinos as such. secondly a lot of people from Latin America are white more than 1/3 and they are not only Spanish so please get some clear info on that topic. latin is only a culture and people dont have to be spanish just to embrace the culture. and lastly most of the latinos that are mixed have more than 70% european admixture and you dont have to be 100% anything or have some nazi pure blood ideology to be considered white. if blacks can do it then others can too. in other words you are more likely to be a white (or mostly white) latino than dont. and lastly latin culture comes from Europe so they are the real Latinos (which is just spanish for latin) and not some aztec mofos from central america. case closed.

    • Zzpop

      Hispanics are classified as white and um they listen the actual ethnicity of each actor. Its just a headline to draw you in chill out

  • janisha

    where is Mike posner on this list

  • Pep

    I believe Dante dates men. I don’t remember where I read that but I think he’s openly gay. so the only thing you need to change is per preference…he could still be dating black men.

    • Kek

      Actually, Dante is married to an Asian woman I believe. He has a blog where he talks about getting married.

  • hi

    Quentin dated.shar jackson for a short time

    • Wrong

      You are so lying. Shar can only get white trash.

      • jewelsade


  • Marier

    Most of these men at some time at a fling with a black women.

    • black man

      And this is something to brag about? How do u know they have slept with a black woman? Most on the list ONLY like blondes. That rules black women out.

      • Grace2218

        Nikki Minaj has blonde hair.

  • Beautifulandblack

    Thank you. When are we going to learn?

  • Latina blonde

    Black women searching for acceptance, in a world that does not value them

    • gp6472

      Not trying to be rude but. What is your beef with black women? You cant just go off of what you saw one black female and judge everyone. When I looked at the little article I didn’t see anything showing cause as to black women searching for or needing acceptance or validation from anything or anyone.

    • Joanne1979

      I’m married to a white man making six figures and I live in Gramercy Park. My cleaning lady is a blonde Latina. :)

  • Jessi J

    this is funny because terrance howard doesn’t like black ppl either, tyrese is questionable at most I am a black woman btw that can admit this. I get approached by wm all the time. And no I do not look mixed.

  • Tiye Reed

    Thank you!!!! Very well said.

    • tj

      saying all white men think alike is sexist. and racist. youre a hypocrite

  • LKJ

    Justin Bieber though? umm no

    • tamia21b

      justin bieber had a black girlfriend before

  • MsRoniJ

    Seriously thought Jimmy Fallon would have been on the list

  • rob

    Actually I enjoyed readingbwhat u wrote…im a white male and I have 2 biracial daughters and a blk woman.i put my woman on apedistal all day eeveryday.i would never disrespect her ever she is gods greatestcreation to me.

  • Morgan

    Quentin T. Dated Shar Jackson. K-Feds baby mama.

  • gp6472

    Im glad you put your two sense in, Thank you

  • ajc

    And the point of this article is what exactly…hmmm…sigh

  • Tasha

    This is really stereotypical. It’s implying all black people love hip hop, and just because some of these guys dabbled in hio hop, they should be with a black woman. Also, Paul Walker is friends with Tyrese so that means he probably wants to date a black woman. WTF. Why so much emohasis on skin color? Who cares what is on the outside.

  • janette001

    White people want to be black….that’s why they imitate their music and their dance and swagg…lol
    nobody is pleased

    • tj

      i don’t. but as a people we have invented almost every piece of modern technology… i say “almost” because i dont want to be too general.

      • nina day


  • janette001

    Just like sometimes also black people want to be white….
    But I love mixes!!

  • David

    Who the f*ck cares white men don’t want to kick it with the sistas. Great I prefer they don’t.

  • blackguy123

    black guys would rather date other than black women. just saying.

  • mytwocents

    Mexicans/latino’s aren’t white. I have mexican realitives and they do not consider themselves white.In mexico my white grandma was called a ‘gringo’, so I doubt the people there considered themselves white, lol. Anyone who calls mexicans white are going by the stupid racist nonfactual 3 race theory caucasoid, negroid, mongoloid. Whatever.

  • RJ

    Can you imagine this “article”, being written by someone white with the same premise and the races reversed. OK, they may be black, but these black men(woman) don’t act like your typical black man (woman). They are so non-black acting, they might as well be honorary whites. And we guess, that they have “been with” someone white. Oh the joy we whites must experience being blessed with blackness. Oh how lucky we are. Can you imagine that? Hell no you can’t, not if you’re honest. Cause white people don’t stoop that low. Hell I can’t imagine any other group but blacks stooping that low.

  • Nellie

    I hate to even remind anyone but Mr. Tarantino and Shar Jackson were seen around together some years ago. Not sure what that was.

  • ty

    this publisher is deeply racist

  • ty

    all races can be racist, we just enjoy calling out white people

  • Aje9

    yep Adrian Brody can get it!

  • Aje9

    I don’t know blondie why don’t you and Christina Aguilara tell us

  • Tamia21b

    he already dated a black girl…sooooo..,u feel stupid

  • Yikes!

    This is a REALLY dumb post. You’re pushing hard. Some of your explanations border on “Well, he wore BLACK pants to that one function” stupid.

  • Stephen Manning

    That grovelling disclaimer is beyond pathetic. Just say what you have to say and stop being so creepily hyper sensitive to fake “racist” whining. People like who they like and if someone thinks it’s “racist”, tell them to grow up and face reality and it’s none of their damn business.

  • toycam11

    Who’s writing this stupid article? Just because these actors are digging on black actresses on film doesn’t mean they like them in real life DUMMY! Why is that every time a white guy even acts like he might have an attraction to black women, blacks flip out, like that’s some kind of badge of honor.Does it make black women feel more better about themselves to have a white guy like them? We need to get a grip and concentrate on our own race, and yes I am black.

  • toycam11

    Check out the ending of these paragraphs under each pictures, its almost like wishful thinking. Who’s cares if they like us are not “I DONT!!! Yuck!!!

  • Tammie T Shotwell-Smith

    sound like u jealous of black women

  • AngelSpikez

    This is the dumbest most judgmental piece, so pathetic.

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