Vintage Doll: Kim Kardashian Is A Lingerie-Clad Cover Girl For 'Factice' Magazine

Vintage Doll: Kim Kardashian Is A Lingerie-Clad Cover Girl For ‘Factice’ Magazine

Earlier this month, her milkshakes brought all the boys (and the haters) to the yard in Kuwait. Now Kim Kardashian is offering up her goodies for France. The reality star and one half of the 2012 phenomenon that is KimYe busts out of lacey lingerie for a sultry editorial in Factice Magazine. In the issue, Kim poses for photographer Vijat Mohindra, serving hot bombshell on a platter for the magazine’s December issue.

The camera ready star loved the shoot, and expressed her excitement on Twitter:

“I’m so pleased with the way the shots turned out. This was such a glamorous and feminine shoot and it was an honor to work with Vijat.”

Click through to peep more flicks from Kim’s too hot for reality TV photo shoot below.

  • Really Factice

    This is photoshopped beyond its life. So she doesn’t have a left shoulder, her left arm is coming out of her boob, and her right arm looks small and ceramic with extra short fingers. Really Factice…

  • How frequently are the honesty and integrity of a
    man disposed of by a smile or a shrug. How many good and generous
    actions have been sunk into oblivion by a distrustful look, or stamped
    with the imputation of bad motives

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