The 14 Dirtiest Cities In America: Did Your City Make The List?

  • Josh Johnson

    Wow, California sure looks like a great place to live huh?

  • Liam Damnit

    Wow is this list ridiculous. No Jersey? Chicago? Detroit? And Milwaukee is an immaculate city! And Sacramento doesn’t have 2.1 million residents! Stick to fashion.

  • gennycreamale

    Go Philly! The water here is delicious.

  • Rickybobby

    Wow I knew fresno was dirty, but the dirtiest? Makes me proud to live here

  • jerryatric

    Go Cali!! Bunch of scumbags on the west coast!

  • iHeartMarijuana

    I am not buying it. They are only counting those cities in Cali because of air pollution. That doesn’t really make it a “dirty” place in my book. Without Detroit, this list is silly. Flynt, Michigan?

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