The 14 Dirtiest Cities In America: Did Your City Make The List?

The 14 Dirtiest Cities In America: Did Your City Make The List?

Pollution has been an issue in this world for years. Even with environmental protection agencies in place, there is still a ton of it out there. It may be going down, but it is still a risk in this country. If you live in California, you may want to check out this list! These cities have tap water that may be dangerous to drink and high levels of ozone. This is a list of the 14 Dirtiest Cities in America.

1 – Fresno, CA

As you see this list go on you will notice one staple on the list: California! It is a dirty place apparently, as Fresno, California, takes the top spot this year. The residents are exposed to groundwater pollution from agriculture and they have the fifth worst year-round particle pollution in the nation.

2 – Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, California, comes in at the #2 dirtiest city and they can contribute that to the oil fields. They are known as the oil capital of California, which helps it lead the nation in the worst air pollution. They have the worst particle pollution in the nation and third-worst ozone.

3 – Philadelphia, PA

We go to the East Coast for the number three spot and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have 18.5 million pounds a year of toxic releases and 7.2 million pounds of that discharged into the water! Would you feel comfortable drinking that tap water?

4 – Bridgeport, CT

Connecticut is one of the richest states in the country, but don’t tell that to Bridgeport residents. The city has been depleted for years and the Raymark Industries has filled the wetlands with toxic waste for years. For 20 years, the EPA has been removing asbestos, lead, arsenic and dioxins.

5 – Modesto, CA

Hearing these stats, you might wonder why people live in Modesto, California. They have 500,000 residents and rank 11th in ozone and fifth in short-term particle pollution and have a 15.5% unemployment rate. When you moving there?

6 – Riverside, CA

Riverside, California residents suffer from very high levels of ozone. There was a site found by the EPA that created fireworks, explosives and rocket motors and was leaking perchlorate and trichloroethylene into the water supplies. Drink up!

7 – New Haven, CT

New Haven, Connecticut, has 850,000 residents and is home to Yale University, but those smart students can’t clean the air. They are close to the intersection of I-95 and I-91, which has led them to gain the #7 spot on the dirtiest cities list.

8 – San Jose, CA

San Jose, California, is not a place people would think of being polluted, but those Silicon Valley boys did some damage. It seems Fairchild and Intel leaked some toxic solvents into the earth, plus they have some high ozone levels. Not so smart now, huh?

9 – Stockton, CA

Stockton, California, is a poor city and because of that they can’t fund any environmental protection policies. Hell, they can’t even afford to keep their police officers on the job, so saving the environment is not a concern of theirs. Their hot summers helped them rank 23rd in ozone levels.

10 – Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee has long been known as an industrial city, much of which was done along the Milwaukee River. This led to huge amounts of PCBs and heavy metals polluting the groundwater. That groundwater drains toward Lake Michigan, so good job Milwaukee!

11 – New York City, NY

I would have thought New York City would have made it higher onto the list, but #11 isn’t that bad. They have been trying to clean up their act, but years of industrial development keep them on the list. The Greenpoint oil spill leaked more than 17 million gallons of petroleum products, which happened to decimate the groundwater for 50 feet!

12 – Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is the capital of California, so it seems right that they made the dirtiest cities list, since a lot of Californian cities did as well. They have 2.1 million residents and the city ranks 21st in short-term particle pollution and sixth in ozone.

13 – Houston, TX

Houston has the biggest concentration of oil refineries in the country, so of course they are a dirty city. The refineries release 20 million pounds of toxic releases into the air a year, which has led them to rank eighth in ozone and 23rd in year-round particle pollution. Go Texans!

14 – Baton Rouge, LA

What isn’t making Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a dirty city? They have chemical plants, oil refineries and emissions from coal-burning power plants all dumping millions of tons of pollutants into the air, which helped to make it the 14th dirtiest city in America. The EPA is forcing some changes in the area, as Big Cajun II coal plant must make pollution upgrades. Maybe we won’t see them on the list next year?

  • Josh Johnson

    Wow, California sure looks like a great place to live huh?

  • Wow is this list ridiculous. No Jersey? Chicago? Detroit? And Milwaukee is an immaculate city! And Sacramento doesn’t have 2.1 million residents! Stick to fashion.

  • gennycreamale

    Go Philly! The water here is delicious.

  • Rickybobby

    Wow I knew fresno was dirty, but the dirtiest? Makes me proud to live here

  • jerryatric

    Go Cali!! Bunch of scumbags on the west coast!

  • iHeartMarijuana

    I am not buying it. They are only counting those cities in Cali because of air pollution. That doesn’t really make it a “dirty” place in my book. Without Detroit, this list is silly. Flynt, Michigan?

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