Cathy Horyn & Oscar de la Renta Squash Beef & Break Low Carb Bread

Cathy Horyn & Oscar de la Renta Squash Beef & Break Low Carb Bread

Photo: (L) Ai-Wire/WENN (R) Flashpoint/WENN

Back “together” like they never left, the internet is all a buzz with news that New York Times Fashion Critic Cathy Horyn and Oscar de la Renta have made amends, reports WWD.

If you recall, the fashion beef—or would it be fillet mignon?—started over Horyn’s critique of ODLR’s spring 2013 collection in which Horyn likened the designer to a “hot dog.”  (The food references here are purely on purpose.) Though Horyn seems to have meant well by the sports writing phrase, which apparently means showy, the term left a bad taste in ODLR’s mouth prompting him to take out an ad in WWD calling the writer a “stale three-day-old hamburger,” also banning her from future shows.

However, two fashion weeks is like an eon in this industry. Horyn was recently spotted sitting front row and backstage at Oscar de la Renta’s pre-fall 2013 collection wearing one of the designer’s dresses. Not to mention, the he-said, she-said was glaringly more affectionate. According to WWD, of the obvious reconciliation, ODLR said,

“She came to see me before the show and I told her we probably approach fashion in two different ways. I respect her way and I hope she respects my way. My vision of fashion is for my customers. I read every single article she writes on fashion. I never hold grudges.”

While Horyn, when asked if things were ironed out, commented that there was “nothing ever unironed.” Maybe they were steamed?


Think there’s any chance Horyn will patch things up with Hedi Slimane?



-Tameika Lawrence