15 Celebs That Signed Some Big Endorsement Deals!

They Made How Much? 15 Celebs That Inked Some Of The Biggest Endorsement Deals In Entertainment History!

Endorsement deals are often a big source of income for celebrities. Sometimes these celebs make more money being a spokesperson than for their actual jobs! The stars on this list signed major contracts and made crazy bank with endorsement deals. It’s simple really; when you’re rich and famous you get paid to be rich and famous. Must be nice to be one of these celebs.

1. Michael Jordan  (Air Jordan)

Photo: DJDM/WENN.com

MJ single-handedly revitalized a downward spiraling Nike back in 1984 when he signed a $2.5 million deal for them to create the Air Jordan sports shoe line. Since then, Jordans have become a premier shoe, earning Nike $1 billion in annual sales as of 2009, according to Forbes. You can best believe Michael is taking home a chunk of that change with his annual cut estimated to be between $25-80 million depending on sales.

2. Tiger Woods (Nike)

Photo: WENN

Woods signed a $100 million 5-year contract with Nike in 2000. Not to be outdone by Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods is actually the highest paid athlete in the world, from both his on-the-course and off-the-course earnings.

3. Lebron James (Nike)

Photo: WENN

Bron-Bron signed a $93 million 7-year deal with Nike back in 2003, and then a $100 million dollar deal with the shoe maker in 2010 for another 7 years. Swish!

4. David Beckham (Adidas)


Becks signed a $160 million dollar lifetime deal with Adidas back in 2003.

5. 50 Cent (Reebok and Vitamin Water)

Photo:Daniel Deme/WENN.com

Rapper 50 Cent has made $80 million off his signature G-Unit Reebox shoes since 2003! And let’s not forget the $100-150 million he made by negotiating a minority stake in Vitamin Water in exchange for being the spokesperson for their Formula 50 drink. The money came when Coca Cola bought Vitamin Water from Glaceau in 2007.

6. Maria Sharapova (Nike)

Photo: Seskim/WENN

This hard hitting tennis player renewed her contract with Nike in 2010 to the tune of $70 million. This is the biggest endorsement deal for a female athlete.

7.  Serena Williams (Nike)

Photo: Seskim/WENN.com

Back in 2003 Serena signed a $55 million contract with Nike to be given over 8 years. That’s a lot of dough! Her sister Venus also had a pretty lucrative endorsement deal…

8.  Venus Williams (Reebok)

Photo:  Daniel Deme/WENN.com

Venus joined up with Reebok in 2000 for a $45 million deal over 5 years. At the time, she was the holder of the highest paying endorsement contract for a female athlete.

9.  Beyonce (Pepsi)

Photo: WENN

Baddie Bey just recently signed a $50 million deal with Pepsi which will include Pepsi ads, a Superbowl half-time performance, the soft drink giant supporting her creative projects,  and Beyonce’s face on limited edition Pepsi cans.

10. Catherine Zeta Jones (T-Mobile)

Photo: Mr. Blue/WENN.com

T-Mobile picked up Catherine Zeta Jones as a spokesperson for a $20 million, 4-year contract in 2002, then dropped her in 2006 when her contract expired, only to pick her back up again in 2009.

11. Robert Pattinson (Dior)

Photo: WENN

It was announced in October 2012 that Mr. Twilight himself, reportedly, would be the new face of Dior, having signed a $12 million contract.

12. Angelina Jolie (Louis Vutton)

Photo: HRC/WENN.com

Jolie signed on to a $10 million deal with French fashion house Louis Vutton in June 2012.

13. Kobe Bryant (McDonald’s)

Photo: Dimitri Halkidis / WENN

Kobe Bryant signed a $10 million deal with McDonald’s in 2001. He appeared in their Big ‘N Tasty ads, but when reports of Kobe’s alleged sexual assault surfaced in 2003, the fast food giant spit him right out.

14. Brad Pitt (Chanel No. 5)

Photo: WENN

This beautiful hunk of man candy inked a $7 million deal to become the latest face of the Chanel No.5 fragrance. Brad Pitt is the first man to represent the fragrance that was created 91 years ago by Coco Chanel.

15. Justin Bieber (Proactiv)

Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com

The crooning hearthrob inked a $3 million deal with Proactiv in 2010 for 2 years. It’s not that the amount is terribly impressive for big name celebs, it’s just that that’s a boat load of dough for a 16 year old boy!! Yowza!


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