For The Gentleman Whose Skinnies Aren't Tight Enough: 'Meggings'

For The Gentleman Whose Skinny Jeans Aren’t Tight Enough: ‘Meggings’


American Apparel often sells things that seem like a complete joke, but in a real attempt to garner real customers the brand has been selling, “meggings” (also known as man leggings).

Unfortunately, American Apparel is not the only culprit as Nordstrom, GAP and Barneys all keep the trendy new item in stock. According to Business Insider, “meggings” are taking Manhattan by storm and have crossed the waters, landing in Britain. While men have worn tights before –in theater, ballet and under pants in freezing cold weather– it’s a never been a staple in everyday menswear. The article notes that Justin Bieber, Russell Brand and even Lenny Kravitz have all worn meggings, further perpetuating the trend.

While we’re not sure why men would want to wear pants so tight to the goods, we’re not surprised. Hopefully the next step isn’t basketball shoe wedges.


How do you feel about meggings?


-Danielle Kwateng