Is Anti-Fur The New Trend? Celebrities Who Bared All For PETA (Angela Simmons, Waka Flocka, Eva Mendes & More)

  • Angela Ingram

    I guess Angela Simmons does not read the bible. Eating meat is not a sin. Eating meat that was used as a sacrificed for false gods is a sin. Eating meat that still have the blood in it is a sin. God said eating pork and certain sea food and “certain” meat is, but not all meat. Read the bible. However Angela, making false statements is a sin. It’s called lying.

    • Tia Adkins

      I think you’re missing the point.

    • Marisol

      Angela’s FOS. She doesn’t want to eat the meat, yet will purchase and wear their hides in the form of a leather jackets, coats, pocketbook, shoes, wallets, etc.

  • ieshapatterson

    Call me a sinner,but i LOVE meat.

  • Truthhurts

    Who cares???? Those PETA characters are insane. If you choose not to wear fur, so be it and if you choose to wear fur, so be it. These so called ‘stars’ are just doing it to keep their names in the media.

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