Nerdy, Scary, Strange or Downright Gross:15 Celebrities Whose Hobbies Will Surprise You

Nerdy, Scary, Strange or Downright Gross:15 Celebrities Whose Hobbies Will Surprise You

The wealth of our favorite stars allows us to better track their glamorous hobbies– cars, clothing, jewelry, yachts, action figures– yes, you read that last one correctly. It turns out celebrities can be just as weird, obsessive, and nerdy about their hobbies as that 40-year-old neighbor/co-worker/total stranger who lives across the street in his parent’s basement (we’ve all met him at one time or another, I think). To prove it, here are 15 celebrities with nerdy, eccentric, or even creepy hobbies that are sure to surprise you.

Mila Kunis

Photo: Ian Wilson/

Actress Mila Kunis has long been a dedicated World of Warcraft player. The Black Swan star has put so much time into the Massive Multi-Player Online RPG that she had to force herself to take extended breaks from the game on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, she sports her love of gaming with pride, often wearing WOW  themed clothing for the paparazzi to see.

David Arquette

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Scream star David Arquette likes to take the edge off by knitting. The actor frequently wears scarves of his own creation and even appeared on the cover of the book Celebrity Scarves.

Rod Stewart

Photo: Andres Otero/

Rod Stewart seems like the kind of guy who refuses to put his toys away. The singer and former Faces frontman has refused to keep it much of a secret, either. The musician even submitted a pictorial of his massive model train setup to Model Railroader Magazine. He once said his hobby “means more to me than the cover of Rolling Stone.”

Susan Sarandon

Photo: Daniel Tanner/

Susan Sarandon knows ping pong. The Academy Award winning actress has often described herself as a “ping pong propagandist,” going as far as opening SPiN, a franchise of clubs dedicated to the sport. So far she has SPiN locations established in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and Milwaukee.

Bob Barker


Remember that scene in Happy Gilmore when former Price Is Right host Bob Barker beats Adam Sandler’s character to a pulp? Turns out he could probably do that in real life. Bob Barker’s longtime hobby is none other than karate. Even more interesting is the fact that one of his teachers was none other than Expendables 2 star Chuck Norris. That’s just an internet meme waiting to happen…

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift’s hobby (aside from writing songs about her ex-boyfriends) involves a lot of craftwork. She regularly posts pictures of her projects on Facebook. Her latest obsession seems to be making homemade snow globes, which she describes as “Christmas in a jar with glitter.”

Seth Meyers & Bill Hader


Saturday Night Live writers and cast members Seth Meyers and Bill Hader (pictured with Jospeh Gordon-Levitt and Abby Elliott) apparently spend their downtime on set reading comics together. The pair’s hobby became so notorious they eventually parlayed it into writing a comedic issue of Spider-Man entitled “The Short Halloween.”

Tom Hanks

Photo: Brian To/

Tom Hanks collects typewriters from the 1930s and 40s. News of the obsession spread like wildfire across the internet when it was revealed that comedian Chris Hardwicke got the legendary actor to participate in a long-form interview for the Nerdist Podcast by bribing him with a 1934 Smith Corona. The typewriter was delivered to Hanks with a personal letter attached. Hanks would respond with his own type written letter that jokingly read, “You are out of your minds if you think… that I… wow, this thing has great action… and this deep crimson color… Wait! I’m not so shallow as to… and it types nearly silently… Oh, OKAY!”

Simon Cowell

Photo: RHS/

“I climb trees daily,” X-Factor judge Simon Cowell once revealed in an interview with GQ. He described it as “like a ritual” and says it benefits his mood. “It’s less depressing than the news,” he explained. Actually, that doesn’t explain it at all, but given this is the same guy who plans on having his dead body frozen “as an insurance policy,” it isn’t that surprising.

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie has been collecting knives and daggers since she was a child. Not only that, but the actress learned how to throw blades for her role in Tomb Raider (2000) and found the act cathartic enough to keep it up. This has led to a lot of tabloid gossip accusing the actress throwing them at longtime partner Brad Pitt during fits of rage. Said rumors remain unsubstantiated, though she has admitted to sharing the hobby with her adopted son Maddox.

Brad Pitt

Photo: Ivan Nikolv/

Brad Pitt’s hobby is a little bit less edgy than his partner’s. The actor has been a self-described “architecture buff” since the early 90s when he discovered the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright. He recently took his hobby to the next level by teaming up with furniture designer Frank Pollaro to create a line of architectural furnishings.

Nicolas Cage

Photo: Ian Wilson/

Nicolas Cage also has a longstanding obsession with comics, specifically superheroes, which he’s referred to as “Jungian archetypes of the modern age.” The actor has made headlines by boasting such rarities as Action Comics No. 1, which features Superman’s first appearance and it recently sold for $2.6 million. Cage has gone as far as to let comics influence his own namesake—he took his acting moniker from Marvel’s character Luke Cage and named one of his sons Kal-El (after Superman).

Leslie Mann

Photo: FayesVision/

The star of This Is 40 is apparently an accomplished unicyclist, having received one for Christmas when she was just 10 years old. She is able to do a variety of tricks including curb jumping and backwards riding. She showed these skills off for a live audience on an episode of Ellen in 2007.

Seth Green

Photo: Nikki Nelso/

While most people tend to put toys aside as teenagers, Seth Green continued collecting action figures well into adulthood. Green’s hobby would influence his action figure animated Adult Swim series Robot Chicken. He would also bond with his future wife over the hobby.

Claudia Schiffer

Photo: Michael Carpenter/

Model Claudie Schiffer may well have the most squirm inducing hobby on this list: insect and arachnid collecting. Her reasons are based on the details each creature hides, which she finds appealing. She has a particular obsession with spiders that is shown in the logo for her line of Claudia Schiffer knitware.

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