Hollywood Hair Trends Gone Wrong

Well,They Tried:15 Hollywood Hair Trends Gone Wrong

Always trying to keep up with the latest trends can sometimes get you into a mess. If the style isn’t right for you or the execution is poor, you can wind up looking silly instead of trendy. These celebs tried their hand at different popular hair trends but their hairstyles only fell flat.

Kelly Osbourne’s Lilac Dye Job

Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

Kelly’s lilac Easter egg hair color looks like a poor man’s version of the much more vibrant color Katy Perry wore. The color is dull and looks like it’s fading into a gray color. It’s been months! Why won’t she let this look die?!

Christina Aguilera Multicolored Hair

Photo:  FayesVision/WENN.com

The bold colored hair thing has been in thanks to Katy Perry, but this multicolored blonde, pink, and purple look is just not working for Christina. This look belongs on a rebellious teenager not the red carpet.

Mel B’s Bald Cut

Photo: Chris Connor/WENN.com

Looks like the barber went a little too deep with the clippers on Melanie’s head. The buzz cut on one side is charming and edgy, but the baldness on one side just looks masculine and bad.

Kim Kardashian’s Bo Derek Braids

Braids are back in, but Bo Derek Braids with beads at the bottom? Definitely not. Kim donned this look for her music video in 2011 at the urging of video director Hype Williams. Well, even music video savants can have bad ideas.

Ciara’s Short Hair

Photo: Apega/WENN.com

When all the female celebs were chopping their locks in exchange for shorter, edgier do’s, Ciara followed suit, but her short cut fell short of edgy and only made her look older, and a bit like Wanda Sykes.

Robyn’s Bowl/Mushroom Cut

Not really sure why singer Robyn favors this mushroom cut with long power bangs look, but it is not the business. A short cut is cool. A short bowl cut is not.

Lindsay Lohan’s Platinum Blonde

Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

Going platinum blonde is not for everybody. Case in point, Lindsay Lohan. This super bleach blonde hair does not complement her skin tone and it seems to have aged her about 30 years.

Rihanna’s Two Tone Hair

Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/ WENN.com

Two tone brown and blonde hair can really be gorgeous, but A) not when it looks like a bad wig and B) not when your brown tone looks like your roots need major a touch up. Sorry Rih-Rih, this look has trailer trash written all over it. Ask Ciara for tips on how to do it right.

Ron Artest’s Blonde with Designs

Guess the ever eccentric Ron Artest saw the blonde on Chris Brown and wanted to try it for himself. He took it a step further, though, by adding some purple character designs to match the Lakers colors. This look is just silly. It’s a perfect match for Ron.

Shakira’s Faux Dreds

Photo: Andres Otero/ WENN.com

These faux dreds just look well…fake. There’s no shape or body to them. They just look stiff.

Brandy’s Full Lace

Photo: Aaron D. Settipane/WENN.com

The idea of a full lace is that it’s supposed to look natural; like your real hair. Whoever put Brandy’s lace wig on did her a huge disservice. The hairline is all wrong for her. It’s too straight and too wide/far back at the corners. Not to mention her lace is showing. There’s nothing natural about this.

Fergie’s Mushroom Bangs

Photo: WENN

Fergie tried to spice up her bangs, but what she ended up with was a funky hair experiment gone wrong. Why her bangs needed to come out of the top of her head is a mystery. It looks like she’s wearing half a mushroom. Power bangs are a NO.

Tyra Banks Red-Orange Hair

Photo:  WENN

Red hair is a bold statement. This reddish-orange-blonde hair is making the statement: someone gave me a bad dye job.  Looks like they couldn’t get the color right in spots, and it’s just way to loud.

Nicole Scherzinger’s Bad Pinup look

Photo: WENN

Nicole’s pinup girl looks more like a superhero… or cat ears. The coils are too tight, too far apart, not angled correctly, and her bangs are just too short across. This hair-do did not work out for her.

Joann Krupa’s Pompadour Do

Photo: Fayes Vision/WENN

Pompadour hairstyles were all the rage in 2008. Joanna’s look almost has a mullet effect going on, either that or she forgot to tease the rest of her hair for her country debut.  This style would have been better if she had pulled the hair back into a ponytail and gone for a thinner/taller shape on the top since her head is already square shaped.

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