Zoe's Woe: Stylist Turned Designer Rachel Zoe's Line Has Been Dropped From Saks. And That's Not All

Zoe’s Woe: Stylist Turned Designer Rachel Zoe’s Line Has Been Dropped From Saks (And That’s Not All)

Photo: Lia Toby/WENN

According to the Huffington Post, Rachel Zoe‘s self-named fashion line is being dropped from Saks Fifth Avenue, and that “A rep from Saks confirmed that the line is no longer on sales floors and will retail online only.”

Ouch. And if you’re wondering what’s the big deal about that, let’s put it this way: if Rachel Zoe’s fashion line was a movie franchise, it just went straight to DVD, for Saks anyway. And that’s not even the worst of Zoe’s woe.

The Huffington Post is also reporting that the stylist turned designer’s brand has already been dropped from major retailer, Selfridges, while it is also selling poorly in Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise since Zoe has had such huge success in her celebrity styling career and reality TV endeavor. We wonder why her A-list clientele isn’t scraping the pieces off the rack. Then again, ‘a designer a stylist does not make,’ as they’d say. And with the pu pu platter’s worth of seasoned lines from American, French, Italian fashion houses, and so on, for a shopper to choose from, we’re not surprised Rachel Zoe’s line has been left hanging.



-Tameika Lawrence


  • Sweet Honey

    Oh well…There’s always QVC.

    • allysonrowentaylor

      she sells drek on QVC, worse even than her line!

  • Check yo self

    Rachael Zoe is a reality star her core audience is her consumer. The prices of her clothing is too high for the average working person during an recession. Her celebrity client get free clothing from the iconic fashion labels. This is business 101, I guess Rodger didn’t save the day when he decided to help run the business. So the slaging of ex employees was unnecessary OH how the mighty has fallen.

  • allysonrowentaylor

    The line was boring, made in China, overpriced, and middle of the road. It lacked any glamour and was being sold in the clearance racks at Loehmanns, and still overpriced. I don’t know if it flopped because she was under pressure to make a mediocre line, or if she is just overworked, and left the designs to underlings. I love fashion, love her style but the line sucks