How Did They Even Meet? 15 of Hollywood’s Oddest Couples and Strangest Hookups!

Anything can happen in Hollyweird. For example, celebrities who don’t even walk in the same circles can meet, hookup, and fall in love. The celebrities on this list formed some of Hollywood’s oddest couples and strangest hookups. Check it out!

1. Rihanna and Josh Hartnett

The two met while she was hosting an episode of TRL on which he was the guest in 2007. Rihanna reportedly gushed about him saying, “He is so hot and he is really sweet to me…when we hang out it feels right – even though it’s pretty new. I would be lying if I told you we were not more than just friends… I have so fallen for him, he’s lovely.”


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  • ivvie


  • Kitty La Rue

    I would have never guessed Mila Kunis dated M.Kulkin.

  • Sally

    I hate that half this list is interracial couples…It definitely feels like they’re being singled out, and there’s nothing so “weird” about Puff Daddy/Diaz or Rihanna/Josh Harnett. People who think that are just purely reacting to race.

    • MadHatter89

      Yup, I noticed that too! There have definitely MUCH weirder couples than these, but this writer seems to want to make it look like interracial dating is weird.

    • toutedelafruit

      It’s not “weird” because she’s black and he’s white, it’s “weird” because (from the publics point of view…of not knowing anything real about them) they, seemingly, have absolutely nothing in common.

      On an unrelated note: this website reads as if it was run by a middle-schooler.

    • Jimmy

      Yes it Is weird. These white chicks with these filthy kneegrows!

  • MadHatter89

    What’s so weird about Rhianna and Josh Hartnett? It seems like they actually liked one another, and he didn’t seem to be abusive to her like Brown. I was hoping that they would stay together.

  • JokersGirl

    It really does not matter weather the public knows anything about them or that they do not have anything in common. It has nothing to do with that so you just made yourself sound not right at all for saying, typing, and even posting that comment.

  • james

    Seriously, how come no one has mentioned Taylor Kinney and Lady GaGa? Now that is a truly bizarre match. It makes you wonder what is wrong with a guy like that for him to date an attention seeking mess? This is not anything about her music, talent etc.

    • lilith

      maybe she has a great personality