Bridget Kelly's Rocker Chic Look in "Special Delivery" Video

Steal Her Video Style: Bridget Kelly’s Rocker Chic Look In “Special Delivery”

Roc Nation songstress Bridget Kelly released a video for her soulful ballad “Special Delivery.” The native New Yorker dedicated the video to Coney Island, and explains the clip’s special meaning:

“I wanted to do something very NY and play on conflicting emotions. That’s why it ended with message in a bottle, because even in the heat of the moment there is still love there.”

Not only is “Special Delivery” an amazing song, the video is just as good!  BK sports a rocker chic look that includes leggings, cropped tops, lots of accessories, and a leather jacket with fur front-trim. If you’re loving this look as much as we are, check out how you can rock a similar style.

Check out Bridget’s “Special Delivery” video after the jump, and shop her look below.


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  • Lovey

    First!! BOMB BOMB BOMB!!! I love this video song, and the concept. She didnt have to take off her clothes to relay the message of this song!!!! So mature!!! Nice Vocals I SEE YOU BRIDGET!!!

  • Just Sayin

    Yeah, I saw her on 106&Park the other day (I wasn’t watching, it was just on BET) and she was on there. When I heard her song I stopped what I was doing just to listen and watch the video. I really like this song and her voice is nice. I hope to hear more songs like these from our younger artists.

  • Klove

    A mature response is the song by a remake of Will Downing. “Send for me” for real women and men. Kids will say it’s boring.