Guess What New Fashion Staple Celebs Are Using To Look Right And Tight?


Shh! We’ve got a secret: celebrities do not wake up looking flawless. As we all know, celebs all have some sort of undergarment or fashion staple that keeps their bodies looking contoured and red carpet ready. One of the new staples is Hanes’ Silk Reflections Convert-A-Tight that Sofía Vergara, Keke Palmer and Maria Menounos have been spotted in.



The tights have a two-in-one function as full tights and footless leggings. How it works: The silky item has a toe pocket that completely envelops the toe or can be folded back to neatly form a legging.

Black opaques are one our favorite fashion items because they allow mini dresses, short skirts and oversized sweaters to be worn in the cold weather with ease. We’ll definitely be trying these out for our next outing.


Do you have a favorite brand of winter tights?


-Danielle Kwateng

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