Ever Wonder What Some of These Celebrities are Actually Famous For? Take A Look at some Unconventional Celebrity Starts!

So your watching the television, and stop to think. You’re wondering to yourself, “Um, I know I love this show but, what exactly are they famous for again?’ Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We all have a love/hate relationship with our favorite celebrities, we love and hate to watch them simply because we could be them! In the generation where many are claiming the entertainment business is going through the, “famous for nothing,” era, we need a little reminder in how they made it where they are. So here it is, 15 of our favorite celebrities who had, well, a more unconventional start.

Kim Kardashian

Our dear Kim, what is she famous for again? Well, before she was known for being a socialite, television personality, business woman, and fashion designer she got her start starring in a sextape with her then boyfriend Ray J. Kim was filmed engaging in very adult activities with Ray J. and the infamous tape surfaced. She filed a lawsuit hoping to get the video forbidden from being shown. Not such great luck with that, but she was awarded $5 million dollars. Go Kim!

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