Our Top 5 Best Celebrity Beauty Moments Of The Week Ending 12.14.12

Another week is up! Are you ready for the weekend? Before you kick it off, it’s that time of the again! Time to rewind and look at the best beauty moments from the past five days. From fabulous ‘fros to sleek tresses to beyond gorgeous makeup, let’s take a look at the beauty that made our week.


Sharon Leal

Photo: Ai-Wire/WENN

Seriously, we need to see Sharon Leal in more movies if not only to gawk at her hair and makeup. At the LA premiere of The Impossible, the actress dazzled with her flawless skin, bronzed smoky eye, and pretty pink lips.


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  1. says:

    Thank God for make up, false lashes and hair extensions ( Not!) because without that she looks an absolute mess and much older than she is…must be those white genes!!!

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