Ready For 'The Kill:' Karrueche Tran Promotes Her New Clothing Line In Paris

Ready For ‘The Kill:’ Karrueche Tran Promotes Her New Clothing Line In Paris

Although she is not officially with Chris Brown anymore, Karrueche Tran has been hard at work on her new clothing line The Kill. The line was suppose to launch on 12/12/12 but was delayed, and Karrueche took to Twitter to explain the hold up:

 Nothing ever goes as planned. It’ll be up soon ya’ll I promise.

Patience is a virtue. I hate to say it but we’ve postponed the launch date. I will not put anything out that isn’t 100. Sorry guys.

The site may not be up but that didn’t stop Ms. Tran from flying to Paris to promote her line with Paris based magazine Da Vibe.

Check out the video and see Karrueche frolick through the city while modeling pieces from her collection.


StyleBlazers would you rock The Kill?


-Adrienne A. Gadling

  • iPhone Partay

    aint nobody wearin dat isht

  • nothankyou

    can you really call this a clothing line if all it consists of is a snapback and some white tees? nah im good. For the amount of hype they putting down she could at least be on the level o Draya’s line.

    • Leaux

      Draya’s line is basic as well

  • Me

    At least she is trying to b independent but I hope that’s not the type of stuff that the clothing line features ..cuz I could get a pack of beanies and white tee shirts from the flea market and have a name stitched on it and sell it for more than triple what I paid for it

  • Mikkalotious

    Nuthin’ original about that stuff…boo

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    I didn’t know Instagram models can get clothing lines……..LMAO

  • JazzyBossyJen

    Umm does she really believe people are checking for that crap?! Baha

  • Cassandra

    Karrueche is adorable

  • knockknock

    All i see is a sweater hat….see didnt even talk about her own shyt

  • Dumb dumb

    Desperado. Shes too much. Anybody can order plain tshirts and socks wholesalw from China and slap a logo on it. What she cant get though is swag. Karrueche is the lamest, most basic desperate chick Ive seen in years. Draya too, her line is sooo boring. Both f***d Chris Brown and both ordering wholesale from China. Both are wack and Karrueche can never ever everrrrr compete with Rihanna,cause thats what shes trying to do. Get famous, lol. All talentless chicks who gets dumped by a celeb always try and be a designer or reality shows,shes not even bad enuff to model.

  • cutie pie

    She has to start somewhere. I am happy she decided to work on her line a little more and try to make it 100% for the people before releasing it. BUT cutie pie Karrueche should not rush to put out her line. If she’s serious she needs to take her time with fabrics, designs, etc. and make sure it IS a good product. I want to see her succeed because at least she can take advantage of her notoriety and get something started just for her. If she works hard and focus she could do well.

  • kimkim

    12-12-12 tried to compete with 7-7-7…major fail !!! now she watching while Chris smashes another chic….This broad wlli try anything to win…smh

  • Amazing


  • Realtalk

    With all the real killing going on…not a good time to be sporting “KILL” branding of any sort.