SB Radio: Love & Prayers For Newtown (In The Key Of Stevie Wonder)

SB Radio: Love & Prayers For Newtown (In The Key Of Stevie Wonder)

Our hearts are heavy in the wake of the horrific school shooting in Newtown, CT. No words can ever heal or make sense of the event, but we at StyleBlazer extend all of our love and prayers to everyone affected by the tragedy. As a tearful President Barack Obama quoted scripture, “Heal the broken hearted, and bind up their wounds.”

On days like today, the entire world pauses.Whether designer or celebrity, we all are mourning as one family. When I can’t find the words to express myself as a writer, I turn to music. And there’s no artist who conveys the levels and layers of human emotion quite like Stevie Wonder. Through songs about love and heartbreak, or social calls to action, Stevie’s masterful songbook always seems to bring comfort. And today as news reports swirl and we try to understand motives and think of the ways we can help the tragedy’s littlest survivors retain some of their innocence, his collection seems to be the best place for me to rest my thoughts.

Tonight, send love that’s so in need today. Call your mom and simply tell her that you love her, just because. Send someone your love, even if you think they already know. These three words, “I love you,” are worth millions on days like today. And as a nation let’s find ways to protect Jesus’ children of America.

We pray for the littlest victims, and all of the survivors. Here’s a collection of Stevie’s song for hope, healing, and prayer.

Love harder today.

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo