Having 'Scandal' Withdrawals? Check Out 14 Of Kerry Washington's Most Stylish Outfits As Olivia Pope

Having ‘Scandal’ Withdrawals? Check Out 14 Of Kerry Washington’s Most Stylish Outfits As Olivia Pope


Last night’s episode of the hit ABC television drama Scandal had the entire Twitter-sphere erupting in shouting and sheer disbelief at the plot twists and turns erupting on their screens. Producer Shonda Rhimes along with a great cast including Kerry Washington and Columbus Short did it again! But now that the season has wrapped until January, many Scandal fans feel left with a void. Don’t worry, we are here to fill it!

If you don’t love Scandal for a being a great thriller, you can definitely appreciate how the stylists have worked to make Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope feminine and fashion forward, even while maintaining a high profile job in the political arena.

 Click through to see some of Kerry Washington’s butt kicking outfits as Olivia Pope on Scandal.

  • SamanthaJones

    that is only the best show evaaaaa!…Shonda Rhimes is messing with my mind…them writers own me..damn my heart is too weak for this 😮 ….what am I supposed to do ’till January? I watch the 1st season in one day!!!!! I guess I’ll watch it all over again!!..yeah, the yling is amazing too..

  • Jessica

    Great photos! I am definitely going to have Scandal withdrawals, especially after that last episode. I missed it when it aired because I was working late at DISH that night, but I caught it on my DVR. Scandal was set to auto-record on my DISH Hopper along with the other big four primetime network shows using PrimeTime Anytime, so it was easy for me to watch the episode even though I forgot to set a timer. Olivia looked amazing (of course) but the episode was also really intense and left a lot of things hanging. I can’t wait until January to find out what happens!

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