Does ‘Basketball Wife’ Draya Michele Have An Eye For Fashion? Peep Her Best Style Moments And Decide!

Photo: Judy Eddy/

VH1’s Basketball Wives: LA star Draya Michele has been getting flack since she premiered items from her new clothing line Fine -ss Girls last week. Her line, a mix of bright colored skully hats and cropped sweatshirts, garnered a lot of attention from her fans. The site crashed and the line was sold out just one hour after its debut. Does Draya have what it takes to become the next fashion mogul? Only time will tell.

For all the skeptics, click through to take a look at Draya Michele’s personal style and determine if she has an eye for fashion.


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  • cutie pie

    I wouldn’t call her a trendsetter, but her style has improved over time. She’s nice to look at, that’s for sure.

  • Mz Cameltoe

    Need to take Basketball Wife from in front of her name. Pretty girl but she’s so not a wife.

  • Arrica

    Don’t think I will be seeing her on the best dressed list anytime soon, her style is okay. It does help that she has a nice body and she’s easy on the eyes


    WIFE???????? When did someone marry this tv slore???????

  • Ambee

    She is not a trend setter. There are people already like her that are dressing like that like Christina Milan, Evelyn. Her pieces are cute and the two last outfits are nice, but the others are plain trashy. She has a little boy why would you dress like that

  • Gigi

    Some of the outfits are hella cute, but the shoes that she choses to pair with them don’t quick go and they make her feet look huge as hell!

  • CriticXtreme

    Very short and likes to take a lot of photos from the side profile.

  • SandsNYC

    it’s a hit or a miss with her. and she needs to step her up shoe game

  • Megs

    I actually think Draya’s clothes are very cute. Some things are a miss, but she generally wears everything well.