Comfortable Holiday Wear To Go From Opening Gifts To An All Day Event

Finding something to wear during the holidays can be a pain, especially when you don’t have any plans, aren’t sure about what the day might bring, or are pressed for time to get dressed. Sure you can throw on a dress, but what if you just want to dress comfortable the entire day? Luckily for you, the pajama trend started more than a year ago. So designers are starting to make their pajamas look more like everyday wear.

Check out our comfortable finds that can take you from opening gifts Xmas morning to an all day event.

The bracelet length flared sleeves and stripe detail on this Bodas satin pajama top give it a cool masculine feel that you can go all the way tough-girl with or femme up with fitted bottoms.


These herringbone harem pants are slouchy, comfy and look great paired with heels, so you won’t have to worry about feeling out of place if everyone else is dressed up.

This mohair v-neck sweater would look great paired with a pair of leather panel pixie pants and a boyfriend blazer.

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