15 Of The Oddest Celebrity Feuds in Recent History

The 15 Oddest, Recent Celebrity Feuds (They Really Should Know Better)

Things aren’t always so civil in the celeb world. Words turn narsty, punches get thrown, tweets get tweeted. It goes down, and it’s almost always both surprising and entertaining. Check out these fifteen celebrity feuds that occurred in the last four years.

Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey

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Just two days into filming the auditions for the upcoming season 12 of American Idol, freshmen judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey got into it. TMZ published video of Nicki arguing–using many expletives–with a softer voiced Carey, saying at one point  “I’m not f–––in’ putting up with her f–––ing highness over there.”

Joan Rivers vs. Chelsea Handler

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Late in January this year the feud that was raging between these two comediennes boiled over into public space when Joan commented that Chelsea’s success was the result of her whoring around in Hollywood, aka dating the President of E! network. Chelsea fired back with, “What the f—- do I care about Joan Rivers?”

Tina Turner vs. Aretha Franklin

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The Queen of Soul got a little offended when Beyonce called Tina Tuner “the Queen” during her 2008 Grammy performance. Franklin released a statement to which Tina Turner responded in tweet saying “She’s the queen of soul, and I’m the queen of rock ‘n’ roll…Her ego must be so big to think she was the only one.” Ouch.

Perez Hilton vs. will.iam

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Someone should have told Perez that one day his mouth just might get him into trouble. He found out the hard way when BEP’s Will.iam confronted him at a Toronto nightclub about some things he had written. Perez called Will a “foolio” and then received a fist to the face by Will’s manager Polo Molina. Boom boom pow.

Tyler Perry vs. Spike Lee

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Two of Hollywood’s most successful Black directors had a difference of opinion on the definition of art. Spike Lee has been critical of the Madea director’s work, calling it “buffoonery.” A war of words ensued, ending with Perry telling Lee flat out to go to hell. Done and done.

Chris Brown vs. Drake

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Breezy and Drizzy got into a bit of a barroom brawl earlier in the year over Rihanna while at the same NYC nightclub. Bottles were thrown. Entourages were involved. People were sued. Tweets were tweeted.

Kim Kardashian vs. John Hamm 

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The Mad Men star did an interview with UK’s Elle Magazine in which he referred to Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton as stupid. In response, Kim took to twitter to address the issue saying that she felt Hamm’s name calling was “careless” given that she runs her own business, writes, produces, and creates, and, is therefore, not stupid. Poor Kim is just getting picked on isn’t she?

Halle Berry/Oliver Martinez vs. Gabriel Aubry

Photo: (L) FayesVision/WENN.com; (R)Judy Eddy/WENN.com

Thanksgiving is a time for family…and fighting, if you’re Gabriel Aubry and Oliver Martinez, the former and current loves of Halle Berry. Aubry arrived at Berry’s home to drop off their daughter when the fight with Martinez broke out. US Magazine reports that Aubry threw the first punch, but he didn’t get the last laugh. He sustained a black eye, contusions to his face, and broken ribs. All this was, doubtless, a culmination of the bitter custody battle between Halle and Gabriel that has kept her and daughter Nahla from moving to France with Oliver, who is now her fiance. Sounds like a soap opera.

Elton John vs. Madonna

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These two music icons have been feuding for a decade, with the majority of the jabs coming from John with little response from Madonna. The most recent battle involves Elton calling Madge a “fairground stripper” and saying her career was over. Madonna responded by saying she forgives him and then subsequently dedicates her song “Masterpiece” to him during a concert in France. The same song beat out John’s tune “Hello, Hello” for a Golden Globe this year. Prior to the Golden Globes Elton John quipped that Madonna “didn’t have a f—-chance of winning” the award. Foot…Mouth.

Anthony Bourdain vs. Paula Deen

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The international food critic transitioned to critiquing other food connoisseurs in 2011 when he ridiculed down-home cooking maven Paula Deen for promoting fattening foods then telling the world that she has diabetes and would be working with a pharmaceutical company to sell a diabetes drug. Bourdain found the whole thing in poor taste and tweeted “Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later.” In a People magazine article released this year, Deen said she felt Bourdain was “very cruel,” to which he replied by saying she was good at playing the victim.

Will Smith vs. Janet Hubert

This long running feud came to light when Janet Hubert, who played the original Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, was not present for a cast reunion in 2011. The actress spoke out declaring that she would never be a part of a reunion because Will Smith is an “egomaniac” who still hadn’ t grown up. Janet held a belief for years that Will was the reason she was fired from the show. Will maintains that he had noting do with it, and instead, says she was fired because she wanted the show to be “the Aunt Viv show.”

The Rock vs. John Cena

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) made his return to WWE last year, but not everyone was happy about it, namely John Cena. Cena criticized The Rock’s return as a way to promote his upcoming films, and accused him of not caring about the WWE or the fans, since he left  7 years ago (an opinion he had made known in the past). The Rock fired back defending his love for wrestling, and attacking Cena’s reputation and persona as a wannabe gangster with fruity pebbles colored clothes. The whole thing culminated in a 2012 Wrestlemania 28 match that left The Rock the victor. The feud spilled over into Facebook, Twitter, and late night interviews. While the whole beef was played up to generate buzz and sell tickets, one could not deny the venom that either Cena or Johnson spit at each other which seemed to indicate a real issue was present under the surface.

The Jacksons vs. The Jacksons

Photos: AdMedia/WENN.com; Apega/WENN.com; Anthony Dixon/WENN.com;Dominic Chan/ WENN.com; Flashpoint / WENN.com

Some weird things have happened in the Jackson family this past year (I mean, weirder than usual). First, the matriarch of the family Katherine Jackson went missing, leaving Michael’s kids, to whom she is legal guardian, by themselves. Then there was the little spat between 14-year-old Paris and auntie Janet Jackson. Then there was the revelation that some of the Jackson children (including Janet and Jermaine) had actually kidnapped mama Katherine in an effort to stage an intervention of some sort, and would not let others of the Jackson children see or talk to her, which prompted  interviews with the ex-communicated family members.  Then there was the custody suit allowing Michael’s nephew TJ to get temporary guardianship of the children from an absent Katherine. Finally, there was Katherine’s odd claim that she had not been kidnapped by her children, and that everything was hunky dory. See what I mean? Weirder than usual.

Anderson Cooper vs. Star Jones

Photos: (L) FayesVision/WENN.com;(R) JG/WENN.com

Jones accused Cooper of coming out of the closet as a cheap publicity tactic to boost ratings for his daytime show Anderson Live. Cooper addressed things on his show, pointing out that Star herself  had hocked her wedding to get free products on The View and lied about her gastric bypass surgery. He later claimed that The Today Show tried to get them both to make an appearance, but said he had nothing more to say to Star, and didn’t want to be in the same room as her.

Common vs. Drake

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Drake and Common seem to be a really odd rap battle. One rapper who’s socially conscious and one rapper who rap/sings love songs. What could they possibly be fighting about? Who loves the world more? Not quite. Common made a song calling attention to the fact that hip-hop music has been saturated with softness, ie. rap love ballads much like what Drake sings. Drake felt the lyrics were a jab at him, and so called Common out. Common essentially responded with “ if the boot fits.” From there other rappers got involved, Drake spit a verse on Rick Ross’s track “Stay Schemin” aimed at Common and then Common made a remix of the song directed at Drake. All this over a couple vague lyrics. Hollywood.

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    Excuse me Will? Aunt Viv was the BEST part of the show dammit! I always have and will blame Will Smith for her disappearance from the show.

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