Donna Karan Atelier Facebook App Brings Us One Step Closer To The Stars


We would love to be in the dressing room of a lot of celebs before they hit the red carpet. The process of looking good for the lights and cameras takes a considerable amount of time and Donna Karan Atelier’s new Facebook app is out to prove it.

The design house that previously gave a glimpse into the process of dressing celebrities during award show season through Twitter, has now launched “Celebrity Dressing 2.0.” Just in time for the 70th Golden Globe Awards, the app allows users to follow the brand’s journey visually and interactively through a series of teasers — from the inspiration behind the dress, to celebrity fittings (which will be kept anonymous) and finally, if all goes well, to the red carpet, for the big reveal, according to WWD. “We decided to take celebrity dressing to the next level in the visual sense,” Aliza Licht, senior vice president of global communications at Donna Karan told the trade publication.

So while some will be wondering how their favorite actress put together her look, us StyleBlazers will be in the know. **wink, wink**


-Danielle Kwateng


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