15 of Hollywood's Most Drama-Filled Families

And You Thought Your Family Was Screwy! 15 of Hollywood’s Most Drama-Filled Families

If reality TV has taught us anything, it’s that everyone has issues and every family has its dysfunctions. Celebrities are no exception. In fact, it would seem that the celebrity family is more dysfunctional than the average family. Whether or not that’s true is up for debate, but one thing is for certain, those poor celebrities have the misfortune of having all their business and familial issues documented by the media. Check out our list of some of the most troubled and drama-filled families in Hollywood. …And you thought your family was screwed up!

The Jacksons

The Jackson family has been riddled with issues since the dawn of time. Alright, alright, maybe not since the dawn of time but since we’ve known them, at least. From Papa Joe Jackson working the kids like workhorses, to the alleged beatings, to the very public family feuds, questionable plastic surgery, drug interventions, Mama kidnappings. If they weren’t famous, then all their dirty laundry could stay in the closet like any normal dysfunctional American family.

The Lohans

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As soon as Lindsay Lohan broke off the Disney chain, she was gone! She ran unrestrained into partying, lesbianism, and drug and alcohol use. Exactly the way a Disney star is expected to turn out. Despite his past as an abusive ex-convict, Daddy Michael Lohan suddenly felt it tasteful to make public statements about his daughter’s behavior and blame her mother, while Dina Lohan was accused of capitalizing on her daughter’s struggles for her own gain and forcing her other daughter Ali to be on a reality show and have a music career.

The Spears

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In the last 5 years the Spears family has a had myriad of public scandals. Britney fell into a downward spiral following her split from Justin Timberlake, with an enigmatic marriage to dancer Kevin Federline resulting in two kids and a divorce and supposed drama with K-fed’s other baby mama Shar Jackson as just one highlight. Britney also had a massive meltdown, shaved her head, attacked paparazzo with an umbrella, and got flack for driving with her son in her lap. Then there was daddy who got control of Brit’s money, little sister Jamie who turned up 16 and pregnant, and mama spears who wrote a tell all book.

The Phillips

Actress and singer Mackenzie Phillips confessed in her memoirs High on Arrival that she was in an incestuous relationship with her father, singer/songwriter John Philips of the Mamas and Papas sporadically for 10 years. The relationship began after her father raped her the night of her wedding in 1979 and became consensual from then on, always involving drugs that the two would do together. Philips said she ended the relationship when she became pregnant and wasn’t sure if her father had fathered the baby. YIKES!

The Hogans

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Well, this may be the most normal family in our list, but the Hogans having a reality show certainly brought their issues to light (cause it’s just the whole world’s business to know). Linda and Hulk Hogan’s marriage fell apart resulting in Linda leaving Hogan for a boy the same age as her then teenage daughter, Brooke. Their son Nick received jail time for a drunk driving accident that severely injured his best friend, and Brooke reportedly got a boob jobs thanks to the bank of daddy.


The Kardashians

From Kim’s multiple boyfriends, and her 2-second marriage, to Kourtney’s on-and-off agains with boyfriend Scott, Khloe’s paternity issues (the Amazonian sister might just be OJ Simpson’s daughter), sextapes/photo scandals, and Kris Jenner’s secrets, this family has no shortage of dysfunction for us to watch on their reality show.

The Hiltons

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Let’s face it, the Hiltons aren’t really the problem, are they? It’s mostly just Paris. I mean, the family probably has a host of dysfunctions just none so publicized as Paris’ . The attention starved heir has had sex tapes released, coke use exposed, been arrested several times and sentenced to 45 days in jail on top of all her usual Paris party antics. Nikki had a publicized 3 month marriage and has been faulted for running with the wrong crowd. See? Mostly Paris.

The Braxtons

The Braxtons are a tight-knit family, but even the tight knit families have their share of dysfunction, and viewers get to see it on their reality show The Braxton Family Values. Toni Braxton once had a budding music career, but after being ripped off by LaFace Records, eventually the hits stopped coming, and she filed for bankruptcy. Tamar is all over the place with her diva attitude, trying to get a music career off the ground. Trina has had her alcohol issues and run-ins with the law as well as a strained relationship with her husband because the couple cheated on each other. Towanda is separated from her husband, who can’t seem to get his act together, but the two still live under the same roof. Finally, Traci is attempting to step out into her own spotlight and get her sisters to do another Braxtons music album, but her sisters aren’t all that interested.

The Gosselins

Jon and Kate shot to fame with their reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 which featured they’re sextuplets and set of twins. The Gosselins hit a bump in the marriage road and announced that they were splitting amid rumors that Jon had cheated on Kate. Jon took to downing his wife publicly, saying that he felt she was exploiting their children and no longer wanted them on TV.

The Jolie/Voights

It’s no secret that Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven had been estranged from their father Jon Voight for years, even at times during their adolescence. In the past, Voight has publicly displayed his unhappiness with his daughter’s wild behavior and choices. Most notably, he did an interview in 2002 declaring that she had mental and emotional issues, and shouldn’t adopt children. Angie shunned her father over that incident and did not allow him to be near her children, but the two reconciled in 2010. Angie and her brother have had a strange closeness, often kissing each other on the lips in public which prompted many people to wonder just how “close” they were. James, however, says it was all just blown out of proportion.

The Baldwins

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Three of the four famous Baldwin brothers have had their share of negative spotlight. Alec with his bitter divorce from ex wife/actress Kim Basinger and his temper getting him into all kinds of hot water, Stephen with his drug history and filing for bankruptcy in 2009, and Daniel with his struggle with substance abuse and domestic issues.

The Spellings

Photo: The Spelling Family Archive

Tori Spelling and her late father, superproducer Aaron Spelling had a 9 month rift in which they hadn’t spoken to each other that ended just two weeks before Aaron died in 2006. But the bigger issue was the feud between Tori and mother Candy that went public after Aaron’s death. The two had been estranged for several years due to Tori’s belief that Candy had been carrying on an affair with a family friend. Both Tori and her mom addressed these issues in very public interviews. All this led to questions as to whether or not Tori would receive any of Aaron Spelling’s $500 million estate since he appointed wife Candy as the executor of his will. Tori and mom, however, have been spotted recently shopping together.

The O’ Neals

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Actor Ryan O’Neal and son Redmond were both arrested for drug possession back in 2008. Then later, Redmond was arrested on separate charges and sent to jail. O’Neal’s other son Griffin was sentenced to over a year in jail for driving under the influence of drugs, and Ryan’s daughter, the famous Tatum O’Neal was also arrested in 2008 for purchasing crack coke. Tatum wrote her memoirs in which she claims that she was both physically and emotionally abused by her father.

The Carters

Nick, Aaron, and the rest of the Carter brood (Leslie, Angel, and Bobbie Jean) got a reality TV show back in 2006 to tell the world their tale of lying and stealing. Their parent’s Jane and Robert Carter entered into a battle over the children’s careers, the money, and a divorce in the early 2000’s, after being married for 24 years. Both parents have arrest records. After the couple divorced, Aaron moved out of the home to live with his mom but later accused her of stealing some $100,000 from his bank account. He filed for emancipation as a result. The show House of Carters was the family’s attempt to reconcile and live under the same roof. In 2011 Leslie Carter died from a prescription medication overdose after reportedly battling mental health issues.Nick Carter did not attend his sister’s funeral, reportedly, due to his family not disclosing the details to him while he was on tour.

The Brandos

Marlon Brando was a cinematic legend, but as with most legends, the road can often be a dark one.  In his lifetime, Brando fathered 15 children, both biological and adopted (some biological that were given to adoption). In 1990, his son Christian shot and killed the boyfriend of his half-sister Cheyenne after she told him that the boyfriend had been abusive towards her. Christian claimed that the shooting was an accident and spent 5 years in jail. He later said that, in retrospect, he thought his sister was lying. Cheyenne, who had a history of drug and mental health problems, committed suicide in 1995. Her child with the boyfriend (Dag Drollet) is currently a successful Versace model, named Tuki Brando.



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