6 Resort 2013 Trends to Prepare You For Your Paradise Vacay This Winter

6 Resort 2013 Trends To Prep You For Your Holiday Getaway This Winter

The time has come for us to put all those Resort 2013 shows that premiered during the summer to good use, and the first step would be going on a vacation this winter. It might seem silly to preoccupy yourself with trends prepping for a trip to clear your mind, but like we’ve said before, fashion never sleeps.

Take a look at resort 2013 trends that will leave you looking fab for your holiday getaway.


1. Full-Skirted Frocks


Feel young again in full-skirted dresses as take that night in your surrogate city. If your legs are long, show them off. If not, show them off anyway. They’ll be looking longer than ever.


2. Updated Animal Prints

Salvatore Ferragamo and Giambattista Valli want you to take animal prints to a new level. Ever tried wearing a robyn printed top? Now you can.