Blazin' Or Blasé: Vanessa Hudgens Black Widow Getup

Blazin’ Or Blasé: Vanessa Hudgens Black Widow Getup

Photo: WENN


Sometimes she wins, sometimes she loses. This look, was a total loss for Vanessa Hudgens— in our humble opinion.


Photo: WENN


The actress attended the Charity Meets Fashion Holiday Celebration in NYC on Monday night wearing all black everything. From her crepe looking blazer to her lace tights, the California girl went in a totally different direction from her usual. We get it, you’re in New York. But we don’t all wear black all the time!

Honestly, Vanessa’s natural pep for life can get a bit annoying but we actually miss her bubbly look when viewing this unsightly pairing.

You agree?


-Danielle Kwateng