SB Lookbook Love: Kate Spade’s ‘Saturday’ Pre-Fall Collection

‘Blazers, we already gave you the heads up on the latest development from the Kate Spade team back in October, with a mockup of what the new shops will look like and what goodies they’ll stock. Now take a first look at Saturday,’ Kate Spade’s new lower-priced line and latest pre-fall collection. While online critics are already making J. Crew comparisons, we feel like Saturday is definitely in its own lane with fashion-forward prints and the same girly charm that we love about Kate Spade. The overall look and price point is aimed for a younger demographic, and will lean toward more casual weekend wear with prices hovering between $130 for handbags, $90 for apparel and shoes at $85. Scheduled to hit shelves this spring, Saturday will be stocked in its very own brick and mortar shops as well as online.

Click through below to get a glimpse of the pre-fall collection and check in at for more on this highly anticipated new line.




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