VICE Media Acquires i-D Magazine

VICE Media Acquires i-D Magazine

VICE, a global youth media company which includes a self-titled publication, announced yesterday that they are now the proud new owners of i-D Magazine.

i-D Magazine is a British pub that was started in 1980 by designer and former Vogue Art Director, Terry Jones.

Of the acquisition, VICE President Andrew Creighton said,

“VICE is so excited to work with the guys at i-D magazine, one of the only fashion publications in the world we actually respect. We know digital, i-D knows style, and together we’re going to give the world the gift of eye-catching, mind-blowing video-driven fashion content.”

And they truly are excited, more than a little bit, as they hurriedly shared the news yesterday with press releases and a formal announcement published on

Anyone familiar with both publications shouldn’t be too surprised at the union, since VICE features edgy content with a finger on the pulse of popular youth subcultures; while i-D also targets youth culture via fashion, music and art, with a slightly more polished persona.

But i-D fans needn’t fear for any loss of the high-fashion and genuinely fun spirit of the pub. VICE says,

i-D founder Terry Jones and his wife Tricia will remain partners and shareholders in i-D and continue to be creative visionaries. i-D’s editorial and sales staff will join forces with VICE’s operations and continue to generate content for i-D.

However, you can expect a beefed up website and video-driven online fashion channel in and effort to maximize the fashion mag’s digital presence.


-Tameika Lawrence