Celebrity Gay Rumors: Are These Hollywood Stars Really Gay?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kim-Russell/100002151718850 Kim Russell


    • http://www.facebook.com/johnnybix38 Johnny Casas

      Ah, excuse me…..Miami, South Beach, home of the stars….and many are secretly gay

  • Lilly Licker

    Of course they are happy! Making all that coin. Please!

  • englishvinal

    Nothing “GAY” about any of them… homosexual choices maybe… but happy, light hearted, filled with love of life… delightful…gay….. NOT~!!!
    Just ugly homosexuals that is all.

    • http://www.facebook.com/johnnybix38 Johnny Casas

      No one “chooses” their sexuality. Unfortunately, it’s because of prejudice people like yourself and religion, that many gays have to remain closeted. Too much hate out there

  • samo

    vin diesel….uhh, he does know Marlon Brando is an admitted bisexual?

    its things like this that, though you don’t want to believe certain rumors about hollywood, it makes you wonder just how many of these celebrities, men and women, really are using the casting couch as means to put food on the table. And considering how small that “A Listers” pool is– that’s disgusting cause that means majority of everybody in it has slept with each other at some point…ewww..

  • mikesecurity

    I’ve met damon a few times he Miss not gray lmao this list is rediculius

    • TexanPatriot2

      People who met Rock Hudson said the same thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1438551270 Jessica Lucinda Williams

    i don’t remember Queen or Raven denying that they’re gay, they just said their private life is no one’s business. which it isn’t. i don’t care what they’re doing in the privacy of their on homes, unless they’re making bombs and such!

    • http://twitter.com/ABallerDotCom N.Santos

      Raven is gay and they have proof that she is or was dating one of the models from Americas Next Top Model. Just think when is the last time you have seen her out with a man?

      • TheBigKing1

        Damn, we already KNOW about her and Queen. Thats no secret…they just dont want to come out. Thats all it is

      • Run

        Raven isn’t even likable. She just strikes me as someone who would be a real (b)ytch in person. She comes across as an arrogant, self-absorbed, man-hating (b)ytch!

        Oh yeah…she says all of the right things in her interviews, but her body language and eyes (the looks she sometimes gives her interviewers) reveal a person who thinks she is better than everyone. I have never liked her very much.

        • Joey L Hedgepeth

          How can you say you don’t like some one you don’t know, or for that matter, have never met? I’m confused.

          • dano

            Well they know them (her) by seeing her on tv. And the shows shes on. Duh! !!! I cant stand her and ive never met her. She acts like she is better than anyone else.

        • Darryl McLain

          Sorry, Run, I can’t agree with you. Maybe you see something that many of us Raven fans don’t. It doesn’t matter – I’m her fan regardless, so we can agree to disagree here.

    • TheBigKing1

      If you didnt care, you wouldnt be on this site and commenting and reading the article…CLOWN!

    • Run

      Sorry, but QL denied being gay many times until her personal trainer friend moved in with her.

    • Janiie Dukes

      I have to agree with you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1438551270 Jessica Lucinda Williams

    How y’all gonna put Will Smith on blast like that, but not the guy who you’re assuming he’s in a gay relationship with? I didn’t see him in the line-up.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1438551270 Jessica Lucinda Williams

      Not that I for one second believe Will Smith is gay!! That’s just ridiculous!

      • TexanPatriot2

        Weren’t people saying that about Rock Hudson 30 years ago.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1438551270 Jessica Lucinda Williams

          i didn’t know who Rock Hudson was 30 yrs ago. So I don’t know what they were saying.

          • http://www.facebook.com/johnnybix38 Johnny Casas

            I live in Miami, I go to gay clubs, I know a lot of celebrities who are very open in the club scene about their sexuality. That’s all I’m gonna say

          • R S

            He was the first celebrity ever to admit he was HIV+, then later admitting to being gay, even though he had completely established his career around being a “macho man.”

  • TexanPatriot2

    They are missing the BIGGEST celebrity of them all — but he’s not based in “Hollywood”, even though Hollywood types are among his friends. He jets around the world, is married like many homosexuals, is powerful, has powerful friends in the media who will NEVER report on his secret. If you know what Man’s Country is..then you know who it is (if you’re a member, you may have even seen him there).

    • TheBigKing1

      So cut the bs and say who he is already. Damn!

    • Ray C


      • Alleygator

        The Prez.

    • Ray C

      Is in Kim Jung Un?

      • Darryl McLain

        An Asian actor. She’s actually very skilled; I like her.

    • Man About It

      American right wingers seem to troll the entire internet.

      • Bitsy

        #1 free country and #2 who do you think right wingers think it is? Maybe you think right!

  • Rob B.

    Wtf,why is this even an issue at all? I dont believe most of these entertainers are gay anyway,and Rock Hudson was a lifetime ago stupid! This is a different day and time! And why are so many of the accused black? There aren’t even that many black celebrity’s,yet were the majority on this list! Really? I’m just saying!!! Gay or not,with the fame & money i’m sure they dont give 2 shits what anyone thinks! Later!!!

    • TheBigKing1

      Be quiet and sit you f*gg*t a** down!!!

      • Darryl McLain

        That was unnecessary. Grow up and get a clue. Everyone else’s opinion matters just like yours does – valid or otherwise.

  • eemm

    And if they are gay, so what, and why do they have to announce it to the world? It’s nobody’s business!

  • Henry Wershaw

    John Wayne and Wally Cox were a secret couple.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1438551270 Jessica Lucinda Williams

      They weren’t too secret huh?

    • Cotton

      No they weren’t

    • Jim Rasmussen

      Now that’s funny.

  • Jane

    Why is this anyone’s business? If someone wants to reveal their sexual preference, fine; if not, leave them alone!

  • http://twitter.com/googooleboo GooGoo LeBoo

    Ever notice there are no openly gay Scientologists? That seems a bit odd. There are gay Catholics, Jews, Buddhits, etc… yet no Scientologists.

    • To

      No Mormons or Evangelists either..

      • agleone87

        There actually are a few openly gay Evangelists/Protestants… it’s just that when they’re out, they lose their place in the community. Jennifer Knapp, Ray Boltz… quite sad.

    • Janie

      What’s the big deal ? Love who you want to without having to be ashame of it.

  • Jeannie

    Well if there Gay, I am sure they are very, very happy!

  • Tracy from Cincinnati

    You forgot Nick Clooney.

  • Robert

    I would rather not know cause now im gonna have a hard time beleiving who they are acting out in movies,shows etc. not that im homophobic but cmon keep that sh!t to your self when you have so many followers of all types of people you dont just affect the plot you have an unfair advantage due to public audience none the less youll burn in hell.

    • TheBigKing1

      Be quiet and sit your dumb a** down!

  • ti

    How come nobody mentions Martha Stewart being gay? I have heard from others who know her and they say she is gay.

  • Tyrone Lindsay

    Leviticus 18:22 thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind:it is a abomination.18:24 defile not ye yourselves in any of these things:for in all these nations are defiled which I cast out before you:18:25 and the land is defiled:therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.

    • shay

      Times have changed people are so quick to open their mouths and try to recite verses from the bible and don’t know what it really means most of the time. by abomination back then ment uncleano please do some more research

      • missy

        The Bible, is the word. It predict then and now. You can not take away from it. Just cause times have changed, the word is the beginning and the end. Time also changed in the Bible, but the word stayed the same. Oldest book in history, Gay people WILL go to HELL, if they dont Repent. FACT. THE WORD IS THE WORD, AND IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, AND GOD WAS PLEASED WOTH THE WORD.

        • TheBigKing1

          I bet you they wont. God made them, just like you and me. That’s who they are. What should they do, live a lie? Come on! Get outta here with that.

        • gin collum

          So are down syndrome kids going to hell to because they were special

        • PatsyRamsey

          Christianity used to be a cult, it’s only so popular and powerful because the Roman empire thrust it into the spot light, Constantine to be exact. Then the powers of the old western world ran with it and made it a regulation, just add they did with the calendar, Columbus discovering America, sacraments, etc.

      • Jim Rasmussen

        I did some more research. The same word in the Hebrew is used over 100 other times in the Old Testament. It doesn’t show a single use of that word where it merely means “unclean”. It is used in contexts where it means “loathsome”, “detestable” and, yes, “abomination”. One of those uses refers to the false god Moloch whose worship involved child sacrifice. I’d call that a little more than merely being “unclean”.

    • Shunk W

      Do you mean the same Leviticus that bans shellfish and pork?

  • Come out already – cowards

    Where’s George Clooney and Randi Gerber. I can not believe people stupidly still believe Clooney straight. LMAO!

    • Annoyed_By_Losers

      Or Ben Affleck or Justin Beiber.

  • Bing

    John travolta 8 inches baby , yeeeaaah

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.kays.7 Michael Kays

    Come to think of it, Travolta, Kirstie Alley, and Will Smith do ‘beep’ on the gay richter scale (Cruise not so much) .. so maybe the Scientology is a cover for some of Hollywood’s biggest mo’s (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  • YouStinky

    what a HORRIBLE article..you actually get paid to write this elementary CRAP? smh

  • http://www.facebook.com/etherslumber Michelle Holley-Palmertree

    So what if they’re gay? Looks like someone had nothing better to write about.

  • Homer Sexual

    How was that Michelle RosrigieZ still denies this. Kristanna Loken is her ex girlfriend. Vin should come out as the best role model ever. I pray Tom Cruise is straight. He would be a terrible role model. Oh and yes Zac Efron is just wishful thinking. Very wishful….

  • robthom

    Everyone in hollywood is gay

    Its the law down there


    : (

    • RECCS


  • beetle juice

    LOL!!! SB Y’all are off da chain……lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melissa-Hamari/100000076759308 Melissa Hamari

    You writers are the biggest idiots ever.

    For Vin Diesel: So he doesn’t comment means he is?! You’re Retards.

  • Just the truth, ma’am

    There’s no RUMOR — he came out years ago — about 10, and SAID he was bi. If that isn’t enough for you, I dated a man about 7 years ago whose father was doorman ad the Four Seasons in Boston and his sister had been Concierge there. She told me herself that Travolta’s behavior became so outrageous that the management had to go to him and tell him that if he didn’t stop “messing” with the guys who worked in the gym, he would be permanently barred from the hotel. Now, the Four Seasons is the only 5-star hotel in New England (hello! 5th-grade geography: New York is a “mid-Atlantic” state, it is NOT “New England) — so it’s where the movie stars stay when shooting films. Travolta was a HUGE star..and frankly, there might be a lot of guys working in gyms who would be happy to have Travolta cop a feel (or more) or take a little cash for a little of their “attention” — so the fact that the management had to threaten to BAR him speaks volumes about just how bad he had to have been. And then, last year or so, he was charged with molesting guys (as in “bothering” them) who worked in a hotel gym…and that was a “aha!” moment for me. I’d heard it years ago from my boyfriend’s sister…

  • the facts

    Matt Damon? Yeah, right. So — if you’re friends with a guy you’ve known since you were 13 — that mean’s your lovers? Matt Damon is so NOT gay it isn’t funny. and he’s also one of the smartest guys out there (his mom is one of the country’s most respected experts in early childhood education). He’s so normal, never seeks the trashy celeb spotlight — and you never see him unless he has to be promoting a film he’s in. Great guy Love him to death. Devoted husband and father of 4 little girls.

  • LisaA

    I didn’t look at even one of the photos. Who cares if they are gay or not, other than their partners? Does it affect their jobs? No. Does it affect my live? No. To speculate about it is to make it something scandalous and somehow salacious. It isn’t any big deal.

  • Tonya J

    Hmmm. Slow news day I see.

  • Guest

    “. . . every masseuse seemed to come out with allegations that Travolta hit on them, groped them or tried to sleep with them . . . ” would seem to indicate that he is straight. A masseuse is a FEMALE massage therapist.

  • Hey Monie

    Jake Gyllenhall anyone? If you seen brokeback mountain you’ll know why. And he said he would want to do a sequel 0_o

  • Rwatkins

    Oprah’s gay….Stedman is just a distraction. You never see him in any of her significant events or in public together at all. But, Gayle is always there. Always at special events, always in vacation photos with Oprah, etc.

  • Run

    Jada Pinkett-Smith, Eddie Murphy, Neve Campbell, Arsenio Hall, Tyler Perry, Mark Curry, Johnny Gill, Drew Barrymore…? All are rumored to be gay or bisexual.

  • SyntheticPhylum

    While Michelle Rodriguez has admitted to liking the “sausage,” she has also come forward and admitted that she likes tacos, as well!





  • Jon

    Apparently some writers have lost their creative edge in writing stories people actually care about. As for me I could give 2shits if some one is gay as long as they can make a decent movie. It’s none of my business anyway.

  • Stewbert

    This article was published in December 2012 so it is old and some of these celebrities have since confirmed their preferences.

  • Leaf

    All this article does is prepetuate stereotypes. Who gives two guvkd if they’re gay? And half of these quotes and info are false. Good job”reporting”.

  • Darryl McLain

    I read through this list out of curiosity. Why does anybody’s sexual orientation matters? Is this going to change the skill level or credentials these actors/celebs have earned? Or is it to merely have something to talk about? All I know is – guy or gal – none of them are sleeping with me, so the subject matter really makes me no never-mind. Their abilities as artists are what I concentrate on. I will like/dislike them regardless. If they’re worth fantasizing about, then so be it.

  • barbaraebj

    Dolly Parton, with all the affairs she’s had, people think she is gay? My goodness. The lady has had an affair with every one of her leading men and a few others to boot. This is not a lady who can resist the challenge when in the presence of an unconquered man! Seriously?

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